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Book Club

Dear visitors, we welcome you to the website dedicated to books

Information about the number of books in one place

AlfaLib's book club where you can get complete information about the books, you read their descriptions and find out where you can purchase and download electronic versions of your favorite books.

Ratings and books’ reviews

In addition to our service provides evaluation system through which to create a list of the most popular books. But that is not all, many people, after reading this or that book are ready to share their opinions, so you have access to already published reviews, and if you wish you can share your thoughts with the book community (by posting your own review).

Share and recommend the book to a friend

Do you like the book and you want to talk about it with your friends? This is not a problem! Information about favorite book is easy to send to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other social networks. This way, your friends will know that you are viewing.

How to open e-book

Now there are many e-book formats, as well as all sorts of devices and programs with which they can be read. However, not all users have the necessary knowledge and some of them have difficulties in opening the e-books. So we added the relevant section of the instructions, in which we tried to answer in detail the questions that may arise from the user when reading e-books.

Easy navigation and search authors and books

To find the required books or authors use the search box on the site. Enter your search query in the appropriate field and press the search button.

Do you want to read the book? Have not decided which one to read? Please use the alphabetical menu (by author name or book title) located in the header.

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