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Electronic Library

Dear visitors, we welcome you to the online electronic library

In our library there are books that you can free download and do it without any registration in 19 formats: azw, chm, djvu, doc, epub, fb2, htm, html, lit, mobi, odt, pdb, pdf, pml, prc, rar, rtf, tcr, txt.

A variety of formats allows you to open the book on your computer, smartphone running with iOS and Android (iPhone, HTC One, Samsung Galaxy, Sony Xperia, Google Nexus, etc.), a Tablet PC running iOS and Android (iPad, Google Nexus, Samsung Galaxy, Asus, AmazonKindle etc.) and eBook Reader (Kindle, Kobo Glo, Sony PRS-T2, Nook Glow, Icarus Excel, etc.).

The site has the resource of online reading books; you can read a book without downloading it to your computer.

To find the required books or authors use the search box on the site. Enter your search query in the appropriate field and press the search button.

Do you want to read the book? Have not decided which one to read? Please use the alphabetical menu (by author name or book title) located in the header.

Enjoy your reading!