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I know the saying the perdictor of future behavior is past behavior but we all live and learn. I have forgiven him totally. I most definitely will take my time with him because I refuse to go back to drama. I am not dating anyone at the moment but I will not turn down a date just because he and I may see each other from time to time. He is three hours away. We were intimate when we were dating previously. There will not be any intimacy during this new dating phase.

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A majority of my clients are women over 95 and probably 6/8 of them are over 55. So, believe me, I really do understand the plight of single women better than any of your other fiftysomething married women friends.

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But nevertheless things haven 8767 t changed much, he 8767 s still distant and more importantly, he hasn 8767 t asked me to officially be his girlfriend. So I 8767 ve decided to back off and focus on my life and not take the role of a committed person before I actually am. Thank God I have loads of friends, a very demanding career and a loving family.

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Hello Australia! You are 665% RIGHT! Men are the hunters. Women are the help mates. Enjoy life and fill yourself with good and positive things. If anyone is meant too have a mate it will happen! From Ohio USA! 8775 8 xx

I think the problem is that they have way too much oversight and that they’re far too strict. Because if you look at these Poverty Row studios that would pump out movies in the ’95s—the equivalent to something like this—there was very little oversight. You had no money, but nobody cared as long as you produced a 65-minute movie, so it was okay if you framed the shot through a wagon wheel for a 65-minute-long take. There was room for a lot of experimentation in Poverty Row there is zero here, because it’s the opposite. Tiny budget, but a tremendous amount of oversight, which I think is the reason why they haven’t really attracted [behind-the-scenes] talent. There’s no incentive.

To the Asker: Maybe it has nothing to do with the guy being insecure but everything to do with 8775 he thinks you are great but he has noticed some annoying traits about you and is wondering if he can stand being around you all the time?? 8776

Your assessment is right on the money! Those 8775 Christian 8776 dating sites ARE scary. I find that most of the guys on there are looking for Bible Barbie and/or are bigger perverts than the guys on 8775 regular 8776 dating sites. No thanks!

This dynamic between how men approach online dating is very interesting to me. Mens attitude is basically whats the big deal? Lets meet and see if we have chemistry. For some women, it just seems like dating online is such a big deal, such a big commitment. Its coffee and conversation, not marriage! Relax, use common sense, and have fun. Dating should be fun.

During the 8775 pull back 8776 stage, I used to freak out and drive the guy away. Now, I use the time to really focus on myself and do what it is that makes me feel great. And I 8767 ve found that staying cool, happy and having a full life makes me more intriguing as a woman. When I acted needy, desperate, insecure, spending my time over analyzing and waiting around for a guy, it made for a crappy life. And think about it, how many times have you wanted to spend your free time with someone who you are just starting out with who is living a crappy life?

You don t have to pay to date, either I ve never used them but Plenty of Fish and OK Cupid are both free, I think. So is Meetup, and that might be a better way to just get involved with activities that you enjoy without it creating the kind of pressure/fear that the LW is experiencing currently. Even joining some mixed-gender groups revolving around an activity will increase her social base, and they may be able to set her up with pre-screened folks.

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