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8775 You see, a liter of water has a different heat content than other substances at equal temperature shit-for-brains. 8776 sirgareth

The Last Stand of the Old Guard? - London Reconnections

Upvoting your own posts? Seriously?Who is being 8775 played? 8776 Obama said the glaciers in Alaska were melted at an unprecedented rate: Ooooops, tree stumps under them dating from 6855 to 7855 years ago, before Jesus walked the that d-bag should have kept his mouth shut before lecturing anyone because 8775 scientific proof 8776 keeps slapping him in his arrogant you 8767 ve dug up an fossilized SUV or found a cave painting of a Hummer somewhere....you might want to realize you 8767 re the one being played.

In the Wood… | Thrill Of The Chase - dal neitzel

. Eliot & Sir Thomas Brown refer to 8775 Yew wood 8776 in their writings.
Yew trees are toxic, but used to treat cancer, symbolic of death, found in cemeteries, were used by Northwestern Native Americans & Ancient cultures of Europe to form the best hunting/military Bows. While it 8767 s only indigenous to far NW Montana (not Wy, Co, Nm) it may still be a valid interpretation for consideration in the words/letters of the poem. If Yew are brave and in the wood

Recent Belize News, 5/1/2016 to 5/10/2016,

These people overestimate our ability to change climate and underestimate how vast this planet is. It 8767 s like ants living in a hole in your wall being worried about changing the temperature of your living room.

The EPA must be DISMANTLED they cost individuals and businesses over $6 trillion dollars a year and also loss of productivity (incalculable) on top of that its time to delete this leftist parasite agency.

I take great satisfaction in knowing that the Clintons probably wake up every single morning to the renewed realization that they are OUT!!! I hope that every day for the rest of their lives is election day!!

It in no way describes to what extent human activity contributes to it. That is my point. The climate changes, has always changed, and will always change. There will be a glacial period in the future at some point. There will be a much warmer period at some point as well, when the Ice Age we are currently in (and have been for all of human history) finally ends.

Nothing more pathetic than a leftist...
Are you and Hillary still with the KKK?
You do remember Fascists were Socialists... Just like Obama and Hillary !

I do not know if the next century 8767 s millions of climates will be marginally warmer or cooler here or there over the next century, but neither does anyone else. NO ONE knows more than me about this and I freely admit know nothing. Why cant we have the same honesty from these fake fortune tellers who call their crystal balls 8775 science 8776

8775 Unverifiable models used to reconstruct precise temperature data from the past is how Lord Kelvin achieved his 8775 peer reviewed 8776 age of the sun at no more than 85 million -for-brains. 8776 sirgareth

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