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One of my favorite excuses from the Mediocre Army when defending their shitty numbers when compared to strong lifters is, &ldquo If I didn&rsquo t have a job and lifting was my job, I&rsquo d be that strong too!&rdquo No you wouldn&rsquo t. You&rsquo d be playing Xbox all day, engrossed in reality TV, and sleeping until noon. You&rsquo re weak because you&rsquo re weak.

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I don t think he s respectful of women in general, so I wouldn t really want to inflict him on a sex worker, but he d also never respect anyone who has casual sex so I don t really even understand why he s asking other than to stake his claim on never knowing the touch of a woman.

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I m sorry to get personal but seeing the same refrain from the same commenters makes it very clear when they are pushing the same personal beef in every thread.

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This is bullshit, and horrible bullshit at that. Both socially awkward people and short men and socially awkward short men can be lovely, kind, decent people, just like anyone else, and that s true whether or not they continue to have trouble with the rules of socialization.

Thank you for your response. We are trying different things I do want counselling but as I am without support in his country and have struggled since my discovery of the genetic disease, I am seeking help for myself at the moment because that is all I can handle. It is just very hard because I wanted dreams with my husband and I feel they are gone, when your dreams go, so does your hope and will to improve. I sacrificed a lot to be here with him and now that it would be my chance to pursue my needs, I am broken and our marriage is broken. There is so much anger that I am unsure how to engage the spark again, or if it is even possible. Do you know of truly broken down marriages that survive?

Even disregarding the points about penis size that eselle and Eliza Jane have made above, I don t even get the logic of this. So, women are rejecting men coming up to them at bars, clubs, bookstores, grocery stores, on the street, in class, wherever based on penis size?

Also, past their early twenties, no woman is praised for being a virgin by anyone but the Rick Warrens of the world. Seriously, much of this list comes off as complaints about how hard it is to be male. Sorry if I can 8767 t gather up much sympathy at the moment, but I 8767 m too busy making sure that the rights to my uterus aren 8767 t being legislated away

That is exactly how I think and it 8767 s one of the reasons I 8767 ve been wondering if I 8767 m a Gray A. I don 8767 t have any sense of attractiveness outside of whether I would want to date a person.

You can give yourself a break from thinking about dating, yes? You might feel crappy for awhile or even the rest of the night, but you can accept that and try to focus on other, more relaxing stuff.

Cosigned. Most people do not go into casual sex expecting great sex since great sex tends to need more knowledge of a partner. They go in wanting fun sex that is lighthearted and pleasurable. As long as you can show that you are nonjudgmental and seem like you would be as interested in pleasing your partner as yourself, you will check the potentially good in bed boxes