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strap-on-computers are not watches. they 8767 re tiny computers which happen to have clock app installed. if I attach a really long power cable to my microwave and strap it on my wrist, it also tells me the time. doesn 8767 t make it a watch, though.

Louis Vuitton Tambour Horizon Smartwatch | aBlogtoWatch

Michael Burke, chief executive of Louis Vuitton, told the New York Times that, in his view, when it comes to wearable technology “there’s a lot of ugliness out there. For us,” he said, “the aesthetic is nonnegotiable.” Okay, so, for a kick-off, there is a strong emphasis on aesthetics – and Louis Vuitton worked with the only watch design that they have working for them: the Tambour.

-a new way to shop for fashion

I admire your passion for gadgets. but you 8767 re ignoring one very important fact: if you spend money on a (wrist)computer, you have to resell it within one year or you lose all your money. as I already mentioned, just look at any other gadget from the last 75 years (mobile phones, pdas, notbooks, tablets, whatever), they all turn to paperweights within a single digit amount of years. even if they technically still work, they lose their compatibility to the rest of modern devices. that 8767 s just the way things work with computers.

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I can remember as if it was yesterday: I picked up my first smartwatch at an auction in Geneva. The auction house was called Thompson& Thompson& Thompson& Rüdiger, and the auction was run by the famous Aurel Becks and his lovely assistant Stella Artois. Ah, such great memories!

When it comes to banning, that is one extreme and, giving everyone the benefit of the doubt that they are adults, I guess should not be necessary. Is this really the only tool we should have? Is it that difficult to be one bit more civilized and force oneself to take back from the truly astounding consistency in negativity. I mean, just astounding.

Uh, excuse me .. I am NOT 8775 cry-pants 8776
I am LV pants!! https:///images/

Personally, I would never wear one (because I like watches) and don 8767 t want to look like a geek.
I don 8767 t even read the articles on them, only reading the comments.

Certainly, collectors, especially the folks on aBlogToWatch, will hate this smartwatch. Most of them hate all smartwatches. But I find nothing wrong with this Louis Vuitton. The case is well-designed, the crown is lovely, and the case back is nicely engraved.

Not a sin but as annoying as mormons ringing you up on a sunday morning. Here in Bern we had some anti-tech folks centuries ago and we outsourced them to the .

But maybe take that second assertion with a grain of salt. Facial recognition has also had some issues being reliable enough to function as a realistic, primary security measure in consumer devices.

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