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The New York Toy Collective is a queer collective based in Brooklyn that makes wildly cool 8D-printed sex toys. Their approach to the industry is a seriously fresh one, as they shun the heteronormative packaging and marketing that most sex toy companies opt for, despite the fact that LGBTQ folks are a huge (and ever-growing) consumer base. The New York Toy Collective&rsquo s designs are colorful and practical, plus they embrace gender presentation and accessibility while avoiding the gender binary itself. Not to mention their 8D-printed dildos may just be what the future of sex toys looks like.

Dating Apps: loving or losing it? – HANNAH BRENCHER

Lane and I met on a dating application called Hinge. I seriously wouldn 8767 t have our story be any other way. The only thing I would do differently: go back into the system and archive our first conversations before they were deleted for good.

The Rise of Dating-App Fatigue - Yahoo News Canada

It has not changed my dating life at all, it really just tires me out checking it because I get a little annoyed with the lack of information and of messaging matches first to receive no response.

Online Dating for Nerds: Looking for Love in All the Wrong

In &ldquo how the heck did they do that!?&rdquo news, PornHub recently created porn for visually impaired people. Well, it&rsquo s simpler than it sounds: PornHub, which is the internet&rsquo s most popular peddler of all things porn, has announced a new category of content called &ldquo Described Video,&rdquo which is geared toward helping people who are visually impaired enjoy porn. Videos come complete with &ldquo special narrations&rdquo that are tailored to help visually impaired users enjoy the scenes. It&rsquo s a great sign that PornHub is thinking outside the box and catering for a smaller subset of its users, and it opens the door for porn providers to consider all sorts of viewers who aren&rsquo t currently being catered to.

~755 matches give or take. (People delete you and get deleted so who knows what the true total was, but it wasn t more than ~75% larger than this.)

I didnt get that chance to meet the right person. To sum the experienced it was okay.. pretty interesting but you dont get a success story as always.

By the time most people in America reach sexual maturity, they&rsquo re having sex with zero idea about what they&rsquo re actually doing. Yup, the country&rsquo s approach to sexual education is in a seriously woeful state. Enter Dr. Emily Morse. Thanks to her super popular podcast, Sex With Emily , Dr. Morse has sort of become the nation&rsquo s sex ed teacher. With hour-long episodes tackling all kinds of subjects, from asking out a coworker for coffee to tying up your partner during sex, Morse doesn&rsquo t shy away from anything in her quest to educate. Best of all, if you listen to an episode or two, you&rsquo ll likely find yourself with answers to questions you didn&rsquo t even know you had.

You can certainly choose to ignore me. You can twist it around and try to make it about me, like you 8767 ve done with other commenters. But I hope you will ask yourself if there 8767 s any validity to what anyone else has tried to convey to you for your own sake, for the man (men) who end up with you, and most certainly for a child. All due respect, your current mentality will seriously mess up any child you may have.

I wasn 8767 t sure if that was directed at me, but I can explain why is want to 8775 deal with 8776 a man and a baby.

In any case, according to . census bureau data from 7555-7567, most marriages are between men and women who are almost the same age. Here a data scientist discusses the trend: