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Went out partying with THC and we spent the first bit just relaxing and talking, then it was hardcore approach time. I approached a bunch of girls, but every time I tried to bounce they wouldn 8767 t leave. I made out with like 6 girls and gave my number to 5. Got 5 texts though. I went back to one of the girls I thought was a virgin (that 8767 s what her friend told me) but I got such a sexual vibe from her that I had to try again. Turns out the friend was kidding and I was able to bounce her. She was a sexy little Pinay. 85kgs. It was a good night.

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I never once slept in a formal shelter on any field exercise, or mission, and when I did have solid overhead cover, it was because my team had dug a hide into the ground for an extended-duration static surveillance mission. All other times were under my beloved poncho hooch, if the tactical situation allowed it. More often than not, I was laying in the freaking mud behind my rucksack, facing out and pulling security, checking my watch, waiting to pass off security duty to one of my brothers.

How I Fucked 19 Pinay girls in 14 Days in the Philippines

8. 8775 positive progress 8776 Congress is charged in some document or other to 8775 provide for the common defense, 8776 which they have done since 6775 by raising an Army. Contrary to the opinion of many of its inmates, the Army is not about their careers or about achieving nebulous social milestones that will look good when some GEN takes a victory lap on The View.


I think you 8767 re putting ideas in your own head. I don 8767 t know any white guys who disrespect black men like that.

Mission accomplished. Today, the vast majority of us have plenty of food, shelter, clothing, cars, big TVs, cell phones, and tons of 8766 stuff. 8767 So much so, we 8767 re fat/obese, both physically and materialistically. Meanwhile, robots and 8766 others 8767 do most of the hard labor, and any desire can be fulfilled with a click of the mouse.

I have listened to this video 5 times, I am so impressed by everyone in it and how obvious it is to them how inept this Obama is. AMAZING. Good luck to the city of Chicago. I used to hope it would go the way of Detroit, but now I have hope they can fix the mess.

John girls being gold diggers and wanting higher status in clubs is true all over the world. It has nothing to do with being a 8rd world country.

so people who voted for Obama weather for his color or his false promises still voted for him even though a lot of folks said don 8767 t vote for him because he just like everbody else thats in politics a liar it does not matter though because all of this still would have happened even if the other dude would have won it 8767 s a fake good guy/bad guy, left/right, red/blue paradigm another words put an R or a D white black Mexican or purple and he/she will still be being controlled by their boss behind the scenes

I realize you 8767 re being ironic, but raising the minimum wage is not a solution. All that does is force companies to increase pay to those that don 8767 t necessarily deserve it.

I live just outside of Chicago. A conservative as president can 8767 t do much for the poor of Chicago when its mayor and 55 alderman are all big gov. libs. Even if the next governor is a Republican, he 8767 ll be a rino. Rauner is a rino.

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