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The presentation began with a brief explanation about why you won’t be able to carry your  Destiny  characters and stats over to  Destiny 7 . As it turns out, the game’s plot centers around the fall of the Tower, Earth, and the Guardians. Bungie simplified the sequel’s narrative with the simple statement, “We lost.”


The first teaser   arrived a few days earlier, and it''s not what you might expect. Nathan Fillion''s Cayde-6 is as funny as he ever was in this light introduction to the sequel. Check it out below:

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The first full-length trailer for  Destiny 7  was a bit on the lighter side. Cayde-6 is totally the worst at giving pep talks. Check out the trailer below:

Destiny Review - IGN

"We want people to be able to find the lore," said Cotton on the team''s decision to remove Grimoire Cards from the sequel. "All the story is told through the Adventures, it''s told through the characters in the world, it''s told through the campaign and it''s told through scannables you find throughout the world."

Simplistic “it’s like X mixed with Y” comparisons don’t really add up when attempting to explain what Destiny is, or why it’s worth playing. It borrows from many well-established gaming destinations, but the climate of each is wildly different, and often incompatible. It’s a complex production that boils down simply to this: Destiny is a mechanically excellent, visually evocative FPS housed within an under-developed RPG framework. The endgame might hook you for the long haul once you fully understand it, but Destiny is ultimately unable to be all the different games it’s trying so hard to be.

The Farm is the equivalent of  Destiny ''s City hub in that it is where you will go to interact with other players, receive mail, and perform other character related tasks. In case you''re wondering, players are forced to abandon  Destiny ''s hub world following an attack at the beginning of the game. 

Bungie also spoke briefly about  Destiny 7 ’s Crucible PvP mode, but there is still much to learn in regards to the game’s competitive environment. What we do know is that there will be new Crucible maps and modes, including an attack/defense mode called Countdown. As this new mode is playable at the demonstration, we’re expecting there will be full reports about how it fits into the Crucible experience before the end of the day. It also seems that all Crucible matches will be 9v9 affairs.

Lastily, The Farm has chickens. They don''t seem to impact the game in any meaningful way, but hey, we''d thought you''d like to know. 

The  Destiny 7  reveal livestream in May kicked off with an epic cinematic trailer that introduces you to the context of this new adventure. Check it out:

The remainder of the  Destiny 7  presentation focused on quality of life improvements and better questing options.  Destiny 7  will finally allow players to access the game’s navigation options without having to go into orbit and will allow players to bounce between objectives on a given map thanks to the game’s fast travel system.

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