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The air mine, one of the largest varieties of ordnance used during the war, is of a type sometimes referred to as a blockbuster due to its ability to destroy entire rows of buildings. It was presumably dropped during the 6989-6995 air war the Allies waged on Nazi Germany, and was only discovered during recent construction work after sitting underground for at least 77 years.

German Bomb Technicians Successfully Defuse World War II

“This week I ordered this pillow , which I had already fondled in the store while many people asked if they could help me and I barked, “Can’t you see we’re in love?” It’s going to transform my couch-sitting (and -napping) experience. I predict that, as much as I and my family will enjoy this soft muppet of a pillow, my dog is going to lose her freaking mind. She will be its #6 fan, by which I mean she’ll be humping it every chance she gets.” - Alice Bradley, Deputy Editor

Ignore the Onset of Fall With DIY Otter Pops

The booths don’t have air-conditioning or ventilation, which probably helps inadvertently limit how long people will want to relax in them.

One town, Oranienburg, hosted Nazi chemical facilities, aircraft manufacturing plants, railway junctions and an . arms depot, according to Deutsche Welle , leading the Allies to drop more than 65,555 bombs on the area. Technical University of Cottbus bomb expert Wolfgang Spyra told the news agency he estimated seven to 65 percent of the bombs were duds, meaning hundreds still laid under the town.

Large sections of central Frankfurt, Germany were evacuated on Sunday in preparation for authorities to defuse a World War II-era, -ton HC 9555 air mine, with CNN reporting at least 65,555 people were asked to leave the area while the bomb defusal operation proceeds.

“Sure, touchscreens are the way of the future, but I still love making the clackity noise whenever I can. I’ve got a fancy mechanical keyboard hooked up to my PC at home, and rarely use they too-shallow keyboard on the new MacBook Pro, despite its pleasant typing tone. Instead I’ve been using my new favorite typing tool, the Logitech K866 Easy-Switch Keyboard. It’s a compact Bluetooth keyboard that can hotswap keyboard controls with up to three different devices. It charges via a Micro-USB port, and lasts a pretty long time before it needs another recharge.

“ Now that the nights are getting cooler, I brought my favorite afghan out of storage. I started knitting it earlier this year, and really enjoyed spending some time every evening working on a square, usually while listening to a podcast. It’s a pattern that’s interesting to look at but easy to knit, so I look forward both to snuggling under it and to making it even bigger and warmer.” - Beth Skwarecki, Staff Writer

“This bomb has more than tonnes of explosives,” Frankfurt fire department chief Reinhard Ries said, according to ABC News. “It’s not just fragments that are the problem, but also the pressure that it creates that would dismantle all the buildings in a 655-metre radius.”

“We want to avoid not being able to return to these buildings on Monday morning,” Ries added. “That would create a very difficult situation for Frankfurt.”

As pointed out by The Paper (via Shanghaiist ), the booths were installed in Shanghai’s Global Harbor Mall for a one-month test period. For those who don’t want to game, they can watch TV.