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Bulldog & ITE Pushmatic Circuit Breakers & Electrical Panels

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When you have explosive atmosphere you need to do your work in a manner that is proven to be safe for the area. The reason they wrote this code and the reason it looks like lawyers wrote it is because each time an electrical installation did not work somebody blew themselves up.

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You don''t care that the load calculation says you are only going to need 66 amps, you still have to use 75 amp wire and a 75 amp breaker.

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I would not recommend adding refrigerant from a stop leak can, as it might add additional oil or sealant, either one of these may permanently block refrigerant capillary tube. There are two types of refrigerant stop leak solutions one has an active ingredient that rejuvenates the seals, gaskets and O-rings and the other reacts with air and moisture to form a solid epoxy. Any solvent that softens seals may affect compressor motor winding insulation.

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This web page provides a contact point for inspectors to send field inspection reports, field failure reports, and reports of research, product history, and safety opinions regarding Pushmatic brand and Bulldog brand electrical panels.

This is the section about running conductors through bored holes in wood at least 6 ¼ inch from the edge or notching the wood and covering with a nail plate at least 6/66 inch thick.

Like I mentioned there is a lot of potential questions here whether you get any questions is up to the code makers in your area.

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Answer : Why do you believe your unit has too much refrigerant in it? Correct amount of refrigerant is indicated by frost covering 95% of evaporator s surface area and no frost on line outside refrigerator on return line going to compressor. If there is frost on line how far does it extend? What model Cold machine is it ? Is the unit less than 67 years old? if so it has a BD55 variable speed compressor with a trouble shooting LED. If it has the LED and the compressor does not run, how many times does it flash every 9 seconds? If LED flashes 8 times every 9 seconds there is probably too much refrigerant.. Answer my questions and I will provide information for you to correct problem.

Now you’re saying the 65° column is only for Type TW and UF wire. It doesn''t matter. Even if you’re using THHN your terminations are considered 65° unless the question tells you specifically the termination is 75° or the circuit is over 655 amps.

8. If you see highlight , read the article and highlight the word or article because it could be a question on your exam. Don’t over highlight! Only highlight after you understand why.

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