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Sean : [ to his class with Gerald present ] See you Monday. We'll be talking about Freud and why he did enough cocaine to kill a small horse.

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Before using Apex you need to first give it your account credentials so that Apex can manage resources. There are a number of ways to do that, which are outlined here.

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If you were to run apex deploy foo , then run apex deploy --dry-run again, you&rsquo ll see that only &ldquo bar&rdquo needs deploying:

Apache Subversion FAQ

To see if path length is the reason for the problem you're seeing, try providing an absolute target path to the Subversion command-line client instead of a relative one (or none at all). In other words, instead of doing this:

Will : [ during a therapy session, referring to Sean's wife ] So, when did you know, like, that she was the one for you?

it might be because you're on a Debian GNU/Linux system and need to upgrade 'libtool'. (I've also heard that the Debian packagers had to tweak 'libtool' and that this may cause some problems for Subversion builds. But that's hearsay I didn't have time to verify the details before writing this FAQ entry. However, see http:///servlets/ReadMsg?list=dev& msgNo=667667 and the thread it spawned for a detailed discussion.)

Fedora Core 8, among other systems, comes with SELinux installed by default, configured so that Apache runs in a fairly restricted security context. To run Subversion under Apache, you have to set the security context of the repository to allow Apache access (or turn off the restrictions on Apache, if you think all this is overkill). The chcon command is used to set the security context of files (similarly to how the chmod sets the traditional Unix permissions). For example, one user had to issue this command

To confirm the presence of this bug assuming you have access to the machine that the repository is being served from try checking out using a file:// URL, which will access the filesystem directly instead of going through Apache. If the resulting checkout completes successfully, then it is almost certain that this is the problem.

Subversion has currently no way of knowing that you yourself just committed the change which caused the directory to be out-of-date during the second commit. And allowing an out-of-date directory to be committed may cause certain tree conflicts not to be detected, so Subversion can't allow you to do this.

If you allow anonymous write access to the repository via Apache, the Apache server never challenges the SVN client for a username, and instead permits the write operation without authentication. Since Subversion has no idea who did the operation, this results in a log like this:

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