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Where are you from Stevo ,you are a racist pig, arabs and indians don 8767 t need to beg they have lots money ,and if you have lots money yourself maybe you should take english classes as your spelling and english is awful.

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It 8767 s one thing to find an Asian male 8767 s physical features attractive. It 8767 s no different from say, a Latino dude finding a woman 8767 s bosom or butt attractive. But when you start seeing the way the pornography industry casts Asian women as submissive prostitutes who 8767 re eager to physically please their men and nothing more, that 8767 s where it becomes a fetish.

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If he actually lost interest in YOU it would have been a bit less sudden (if he 8767 d met someone else he would have gone cold much sooner, and if he 8767 d met her right before your date he still would have shown up, the more the merrier!)- but that doesn 8767 t seem like the situation here- guys can 8767 t wait to meet women. We love women, we want to be close to them and a chatroom or texting ain 8767 t gonna cut it.

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The fact you wrote, I may never get over it, tells me you like the idea of the emotional intimacy which is why I wrote the second paragraph. It appears you want the closeness of emotional intimacy and **** buddies will give you the opposite.

wrong, they are human beings just like other men. there is not something mystical or magical about Asian men. Stop fetishizing, its disgusting and wrong. you are not seeing people for people first. You are seeing their race/ethnicity first. this is wrong.

When things get heated and she asks if you have any condoms, say 8775 no 8776 . Frustrate her enough from then on by getting her to crave your dick so much so that she doesn 8767 t care about using one in the end. This is my favourite and most trusted technique. Job done.

My boyfriend of over 8 years has been putting me down a lot here recently, or at least, I 8767 ve just starting noticing it more here lately. It 8767 s mostly when he gets mad. He calls me things like stupid c***, or a f***ing b****. Sometimes he tells me woth great detail about how much he hates my personality and attitude even though he knows I 8767 ve been really depressed here lately and can 8767 t help it all the time. He blames me for everything it seems like I used to be able to put up with it, but now I just believe him I never feel like I can do the right thing or ever be good enough and it sucks because I love him so much He 8767 s all I have right now I don 8767 t know what to do

If you 8767 re a super confident guy like I am, girls will automatically think you 8767 re having lots of sex with lots of girls. They therefore then starting working themselves up into a panic that you may have STDs and will refuse to have sex without a condom with you because of this.

Yeah if I had to chose between an asian guy and a white guy HANDS DOWN I 8767 d pick the white I mean come on White guys are so much manlier and generally more sexually appealing xP You 8767 re crazy!

It seems to me that anyone could of fucked your girlfriend silly and you wouldn 8767 t of done anything about it. I mean, maybe I 8767 m stuck in the old ways, but if my girlfriend cheated on me I would dump her and I probably would 8767 ve done by best to beat the guy up.

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