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However this is an old article during a time where I would get really big questions and edit them down to be shorter (in more recent years I generated my answers from more generalized questions and covered all the bases).

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Thanks for sharing your situation. It might not be the most morally right thing for me to suggest given that the woman is married, but perhaps letting her know in so many words that she is in your mind (without telling her about the 8775 constantly 8776 part) and see how she responds is a good idea. If nothing else, you will know how she feels about the whole situation. An older, married woman is likely to be more open about being able to handle something like this and/or share whatever she has to say about this. At the very least, you won 8767 t feel like you didn 8767 t explore something you should.

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she messaged me months later expressing such anger and disgust and i kept quiet, post then i recieved another message of how my love had brought back love for herself back in her life etc etc. i still miss her so badly but don t know whether her ego would surpass the will to love. should i move on.. everyone tells me so that respect is important but i am so attached to her.

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But I could never let it go. The little tinch of insecurity was always there. Especially when he would start to be attracted to someone I would see him through these attractions but not easily.

I know I am being sneaky/snoopy by checking up on him to see how often her goes on the site (and he goes on often!), but I am looking out for myself. It 8767 s not like I 8767 d call this guy my boyfriend already, I know it 8767 s still early but what 8767 s your opinion?

I am completely flabbergasted by all of the women on here who are 95, 95, 55+ claiming to look like they are in their 75 s.

Can someone please tell me what can I do or maybe not do. This experience has been great so far. Hehas so much respect for me , and thinks I am the best thing that has ever happened to him.

Yeah the guy I started seeing is 76 I am 79 I really like him we haven 8767 t had sex yet tho I want to but I want us to hav a deeper connection before getting physical , how long do u think it takes for guys to fall for u...?

The last part of your post, saying that if he is shopping around (and potentially sleeping around), then you can too yeah, I agree with that. Go for it, if that 8767 s what you want to do.

Apologies for length of this, don&rsquo t exactly want to bore people with my troubles/life story. Hope it doesn&rsquo t sound overly dramatic either, but sufficed to say, this really does feels like an extremely important crossroad, and ideally I would love to be with her, and to try and be the best I could be with her, for her. I don&rsquo t give a damn about the age difference, I really don&rsquo t, not after spending time with her, I wouldn&rsquo t give a damn who knew.

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