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But instead of relying on how flashy they dress or how they stretch the words in a conversation, look for other cues and you 8767 ll be able to see the obvious signs that most people overlook all the time.

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You are a coward and mean on top of it. Pick a team an f don 8767 t drag some unsuspecting woman into your drama. It is very selfish.

20 Almost-Sure Signs Your Boyfriend is Gay

#65 Trust your instincts. This is as simple and easy as it gets. Trust your instincts. Almost always, if you can think it, it has a good chance of being true. But even if you do think it, have a few valid reasons to justify what 8767 s on your mind. Don 8767 t jump to conclusions without proof or justification.

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I 8767 m gonna cut right to the chase, this article is INSANE and grossly naïve-whoever wrote this article is so misinformed about how to tell if your an is gay that it isn 8767 t FUNNY!!!!!!

8. He watches a lot of gay porn.
He could be bisexual. In fact, a lot of the things on this list could implicate bisexuality or homosexuality. You always to keep this in mind.

Certain cultures have a lot of eye contact and people stand
close and are emotional. These cultures also emphasize
good grooming. Latinos are in this group. Gay? NOOOOOO!!!!!
If he has a lot of chicks on FB and looks at chicks in a crowd
It means exactly that. If you see him alone a lot he might be
a loner. Respect boundries

I am gay and not interested at girls at all. I really don 8767 t feel like wanna have sex with a girl. If I pretended to be straight and married a woman, #6 is highly possible, at least for me. Perhaps I 8775 f 8776 only for an offspring. Since I know that going to be issue, I can definitely see something that I do not want to happen in the future. Choosing to be single secretly gay is better than hurting others beneath lies and fake happiness

#67 He crashes in a friend 8767 s place often. It 8767 s easier for a man to have an affair with another man than to have an affair with a woman. Nobody ever thinks it 8767 s weird for two men to sleep in the same room. But does your man spend a lot of time with a particular friend? [Read: Real signs your man is cheating on you ]

#69 Walking in on him. When you just step into your place and walk in on your man and his friend, do they behave in a weird way like they 8767 re trying to cover something up? They may be planning your secret birthday party. But if you constantly catch them in an awkward moment, it 8767 s time to bring out the nanny cam.

What it makes them hot to hide a secret from a woman? These types of men don 8767 t think they can get a real woman if they told the truth It 8767 s that simple! And it 8767 s the truth. I feel that it 8767 s NOT right hide your sexuality just so you can hide behind a woman to show that you 8767 re a real man. It 8767 s about owning up to your real self!

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