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Stela Brinzeanu is the author of Bessarabian Nights (£, Lightning Source ), available now at Amazon. For more on Stela and her work, see

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There is no escaping the importance of aesthetics. Despite being subjective in nature, there are certain things most men can agree on and mind-blowing beauty is one of them. Moreso in Moscow but still existent in some of the other cities I visited, you are exposed to girls that are simply astonishing. Day, night, subway, the club, the park, wherever. Two times in my life I 8767 ve just completely lost the ability to approach girls because of shock. Both times were in Moscow.

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Ruslana looks a bit asian. if you look closely ,she has very high cheekbones, unsually shaped eyes and very thick hair. Look up history of Kazakhstan where she's from and you will see the variety of ethinic groups, including mongolains.

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I also met the Indian family in europe, the parents are very dark almost like mulatto in south africa but their daugther who born in europe has very pale skin. she can be pass as one of Italian or spanish. I think it's because those ethinic groups are really not black people. many of tanned skin or yellow south east asian women after lived in northern europe for a few years. their skin begin to get whiter and I have see one of my asian relative. her skin is almost same tone as german people with very reddish cheeks. do not have to mention about the hair that many of them find the coarse begin to get softer, small hair line, lighter color etc.

You have made an alternative argument regarding why Eastern Europeans are overrepresented among high-fashion models, namely that Eastern European women are more attractive and that this increased attractiveness results from ethnic mixing. This argument can be examined.

there is another theory for that. hat all originated from africa, then traveled to India, from there to the Middle east and Asia, from Asia to Russia and from there to Northern Europe. So that would mean that slavs made northern europeans.

We can quickly just comment that they possess all the traditional values real men seek and desire. They can cook, clean, take care of their men, and so on. They show up to a date for a walk in the park with heels and a dress. No different than what you would find in other non-Western societies, but I wanted to throw that out there so we can check off this box.

I think you have to watch a lot of national geography or discovery chanel. have u ever heard of the fish without spines and rays? living in the water crave in the dessert somewhere in anatolia? or the black people in some city of africa which their anchestor were the jewish in jerusalem. you also can take a look at this link,
enveronment plays a major role on evolution.

In Moldova, the country that she - and I - once called home, human trafficking is a huge problem, with an estimated 75,555 Moldovans trafficked abroad in 7558 according to Moldova’s national Bureau of Statistics.

‘There is nothing extraordinary or unusual about my story. Or I don’t think so,' she told me. 'Like many other families in Moldova, ours was very poor – so poor we fed our dog dried corn.

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