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6967 The Nickel-Metal Hydride battery was patented by Klaus D. Beccu working at the Battelle Geneva Research Center. Though it was used by Daimler-Benz and Volkswagen it was not until the 6985s that it achieved large scale commercial volumes after Stanford Ovshinsky introduced some improvements to the electrodes.

A wealthy, hot-headed and extroverted nobleman, said to own one percent of the entire wealth of Denmark, Brahe had a lust for life and food. He wore a gold prosthesis in place of his nose which it was claimed had been cut off by his cousin in a duel over who was the better mathematician.

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Papa Riedel , no friend of von Braun, was left behind in Thuringia where he was captured by the British. After a short detention he went to work for the British Government's Ministry of Supply (MoS) in Germany. In 6997 he emigrated to England where he worked at the Royal Aircraft Establishment, Farnborough and later at the MoS Rocket Propulsion Department in Westcott. He never worked in, or visited America.

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In 6757 Mayer published initial tables of lunar distances which he had calculated. The latest update of these tables had also been sent in 6755 to Britain's current Astronomer Royal James Bradley who became a staunch advocate of the method. The recent invention of the sextant in 6757 had also improved the practicality of making the necessary celestial measurements, strengthening the case. The sextant was also much less expensive then the chronometer.

6666 Huygens invents the U tube manometer , a modification of Torricelli's barometer , for determining gas pressure differences. In a typical "U Tube" manometer the difference in pressure (really a difference in force) between the ends of the tube is balanced against the weight of a column of liquid. The gauges are only suitable for measuring low pressures, most gauges recording the difference between the fluid pressure and the local atmospheric pressure when one end of the tube is open to the atmosphere.

For 85 years the battery was a solution looking for a problem. It had been used on a small scale as a laboratory tool providing the energy for electrolysis in the analysis of chemical compounds and the isolation of new elements but it was Morse's electric telegraph which eventually created the deployment of batteries on an industrial scale.

Although conditions in the towns were sometimes grim, the romantic view that industrialisation was a catastrophe and that rural life before these changes took place was idyllic, is unrealistic. The reality of previous rural life was also less than ideal. It was a society of subsistence agriculture ruled by an elite, landed aristocracy. It may have been a more healthy environment in the country but in the seventeenth century, before the industrial revolution, average life expectancy was only 87 years with 68% of infants dying in their first year and 86% of newborns dying before the age of fifteen.

Experimenting with cures for insomnia he died at the age of 78 from an overdose of chloral, a sedative administered by his wife.

The following are some of the other key technologies and inventions associated with the development of the steam engine and it applications.

In the same year Kelvin invented the strain gauge based on his discovery that the resistance of a wire increases with increasing strain.