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Cooling-Off Period - A period of time after the exchange of contracts, purchasing agreements, etc., during which the purchaser can change their mind and cancel the contract, and usually get any deposit paid reimbursed.

The Startling Facts about Cyberbullying in the UK

I hope this answers your questions above, I am actually writing this to hopefully become a TV show but I am definately not a writer. I just had this idea and thought I would give the ol college try. I also thank you for asking these questions because I have not thought of most of these little aspects that i should really have nailed down.

Superhero Nation: how to write superhero novels, comic

Just because there is more in you than bitterness, doesn 8767 t mean you don 8767 t have something like that still strongly shaping your perspective.

8775 if you can’t and someone wants to rendezvous with you clandestinely and you acquiesce, don’t be angry or ashamed or disappointed in them… be angry or ashamed or disappointed in yourself. 8776

Green Taxes - Also called Ecotax. Taxes which are levied on companies, businesses, etc., to discourage activities which will harm the environment.

Cyber stalking can easily transition into real life stalking at any time. Detective Gilbert encourages people who fear they may be victims of cyber stalking to report incidents to the police.

So tell me, michael9796, which of us wrote these 8775 complete knockoffs 8776 of which you speak? After all, I am a writer who tries to keep things original.

Merlin - TV/Movie term for a visual mistake in a film or TV show, derived from the accidental inclusion of a beer can in a TV drama scene featuring Merlin, in the days of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.

Fecked In The Head. Marginally more polite version than the common form. One of many no-nonsense nurses' acronyms to describe a patient's condition in terms that fall some way short of being politically correct. (Ack Charli)