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After I went NC, the Smear Campaign, that was going on for decades without my knowledge, came to light. I was shunned my the extended family for the same 8775 rightous 8776 reasons: 8775 Their old. How can you do this to them. 8776 8775 You 8767 ve broken their hearts. 8776 Your parents only wanted and did the very best for you. How can you treat them like that? 8776 and my personal favorite, 8776 Everything they ever said about you right. You 8767 re selfish and self-centered. There 8767 s something wrong with you 8776 Projection, transferral and out and out lying ( the hallmark of my mother) came center stage.

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Rehab might be worth a try, I don 8767 t know, mine went to rehab over a dozen times and it made no difference whatsoever.

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I always told these kinds of people, 8775 seems like you still got pent up issues from the past whereas someone told you you can 8767 t have any feelings and be hurt by whoever that person so you are gonna do it to me or someone else! Basically, if I can 8767 t feel anything emotionally neither can you. 8776 Ooh, I got a lot of people so freakin upset and told them 8766 stop me if I am 8775 wrong! 8776 Instead of trying to point out what I am 8775 so wrong about, 8776 I had more name calling than anything else!

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The difference between you and someone who is largely unaffected is that they don 8767 t give a shit and they don 8767 t pity themselves or make judgements about themselves.

Thank you so much for this article. After catching up with an old friend, I was so confused about why I felt so bad about myself. Unfortunately some people are so fixed about who you USED to be to the person who you are NOW even if it makes you better.

And, just so you know, many mental illnesses begin in the teens years you 8767 re not alone and many mental illnesses occur together. But what you need is a professional assessment, not an online test.

Tears : Narcissists are uncomfortable around heady displays of emotion. They won’t listen and they will just extricate themselves from the situation. Tears actually work to their advantage. A Narcissist likes to know he can still affect you – positively or negatively, this is a source of Narcissistic Supply, so showing how much he has hurt you is a win, win situation for him.

I am in a similar are 89 and 86 and unable to speak the truth about the past. At this point, I think the shell they have built up around them is too tough to crack. If it would crack, their whole world would be exposed to them at once, and it would be too much for them to bear. Our minds protect us from things we cannot handle, and I think that is what has happened to them. The reality is too difficult for them to admit.

I am sixty five with all my degrees in metalwork and jewelry and no one wants my work. I have no income coming in, I taught for 78 years but can 8767 t find a job because of my age. People do discriminate against seniors in every way. I 8767 ve tapped out everyone close to me for money, tried disability and was denied, and not getting enough social security because I haven 8767 t been able to work full time over my life due to narcolepsy. I have no where to turn but to end my life. I take anti-depressants but this can 8767 t bring me money to live on. I feel more like this is the practical solution for someone my age who has no where to turn. I have tried EVERYTHING. Time to give up

Thanks so much, Henry. It 8767 s refreshing to get an honest note from someone who 8767 s embroiled as you are. I know there are many, many partners who embody 8775 co-dependency 8776 in a manner like this.