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Roald was boring and is boring as fuck. I still don 8767 t know why he 8767 s one of the top rated models at belami he 8767 s so useless. The only scene of his I watched were his DP with Jason and his scene with Torsten. Possibly one other but I avoid him like the black plague. I don 8767 t have time for him. The idea of Florian pimping out Belami models is too fucking much LOL. I know Florian went off to shoot str8 porn and then shoot for englishlads or something. But I hope he was acting as a pimp, George would be fuming. Surprised he didn 8767 t get that fat camera guy he has working for him to hit Florian with his car.

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Look, phishing scams can hit just about everyone, and the Trump administration is composed of people who are just humans. Very, very dumb humans, who should probably not be trusted with any kind of serious responsibilities.

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Wow someone seems to be a bit bitter huh

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Reagan Foxx And Anya Olsen - I Want To Stay With You
Teen stepdaughter Anya Olsen is packing up her stuff because her parents are getting a divorce. She asks her stepmother Reagan Foxx if she can stay with her, but the MILF tells her lovingly that she must go live with her father. Anya promises she'll do the dishes and the housework if Reagan agrees to let her live with her. But when that tactic doesn't work, she offers to do the stuff that dad used to do. She starts creeping on her stepmom, making Reagan suspect she's been drinking.

LOL I 8767 m sorry I killed your excitement, maybe you will feel better when you start watching more Torsten videos? Perhaps one day Torsten to you will be like Kevin for Dani. I 8767 ll keep my fingers crossed :) Lars just looks like a bloated toad to me. He looks nice riding dick but I never found him to be as attractive as George claimed he was. Like he definitely wasn 8767 t ugly and could be part of the belami stable. I guess I would have treated him like Adam Archuleta. Good looking but I never watch their scenes on any given day.

The whole Roald thing was messy as fuck. Here we have other models like Florian and Arne who get cut off for breaking contract. Then Roald who decides to shoot straight porn and George doesn 8767 t have a problem with it. And apparently Roald asked for permission and George said okay? That was enough for me to know George was a typical self hating gay man who was obsessed with straight guys. Let 8767 s imagine Joey Mills 85 years older and 695 pounds heavier. Basically George. Trying to feel like top shit just because he has straight guys working for him. Oh how I wish I could tell him to fuck off sometimes.

Anya crawls onto Reagan and pushes her onto the bed. She plies her with kisses, pulls down her halter top and sucks on her breasts. Reagan tries to talk some sense into her, but Anya keeps coming on strong. Once she starts stroking her pussy on top her black lace panties, they tumble onto the bed in a heated embrace. All the while, Anya keeps trying to convince Reagan she's better off with her.

And I will never get over why Jamie and Roald are so popular. They aren 8767 t even as gorgeous as Torsten, Helmut or Nolan. It 8767 s kind of sad. Plus they are open with how G9P they are so surely members can 8767 t even pretend like they have a chance with them. It 8767 s kind of sad but you know whatever. Hopefully Big Ange sends her blessings from the grave to smite the G9ps before they continue to make Belami porn boring. Perhaps we can sacrifice Arne so her powers can work?

Melissa is just getting ready for her shift. The sexy and slender tan skinned goddess stands before her mirror applying her makeup. She loves how she looks naked and so do we. Time to get ready for work, she pulls on some lacy tan stockings, a white lacy thong, a pale lacy bra, before pulling on her sexy high-waisted skirt, a white blouse and her sexy heels. As she takes one last check, she dangles her shiny gold police badge from her neck.

Oh and I think Rafael Moretti does have a bf afterall. I was hesitant to say that he did b/c it 8767 s an older guy, but I 8767 m, like, 95% sure it 8767 s his bf. Thierry is cute. He reminds me of Hoyt sans the receding hairline lol. Did he film any scenes? Sometimes they only do photoshoots and they never come back for an actual scene. Their Hungarian photographer, I forget his fake name, did a photoshoot w/ this Hungarian guy who kind of reminds me Jean and I 8767 m kind of hoping he 8767 s a BA model since he 8767 s actually gay and he 8767 s cute, but idk if it was just a regular, non BA affiliated photoshoot or a BA shoot, so I guess we 8767 ll see eventually.

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