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Kindly, Emeline: I''m sorry for saying you have no brain. You''re really one of my best friends. Beautiful Excellent Lots of fun Awesome - Dear Bela,

Netflix''s To The Bone: An anorexia survivor''s - Glamour UK

Sarah: do my best to be kind, not judge, be polite, and be respectful. I kindly pledge to apologize and then move on when I am not. I kindly pledge to stick up for myself and others. I will be kind to myself - Milwaukee

Demi Lovato - lyrics

jiya: so sorry for those mean things i did to you i just did not know you were getting your feelings hurt and i guess we should ben friends all along cause your always supporting me and your always so kind and nice im really really really sorry - anmol

The UnSlut Project Shared Stories

Amanda Marquez: help and support the youth of today that is going threw this. To be someone they can come talk to when ever they need it. - La Mirada

sarah: one day when i was going to school on the bus this boy micheal was saying mean things to me. he said things like: YOU SMELL! or your ulgy you have no friends. i went home that day crying because of him. he constantlay annoying me every day. he wont give me a break! -

Ana Basso: I pledge to be nicer to girls all around me. also, I pledge to tell the girls around to stop the hating, and to be kind! - Miami

Kindly, Amanda: Im really am sorry. I was so mean to you throughout school. There was no reason for it and I feel terrible. - Dear Sadie,

A: The main problem with girls starts way back. Girls are afraid of change and to be different. It is a constant struggle to be the same and girls who set the standard of being a "certain kind of person" are also very insecure themselves. I have never been "popular" and have always tried to be myself. But in all honesty, rarely have I seen girls as being said, when I do, they are the one''s who are my true friends. - City

I''m a 66 year old girl who has had a lot of problems in my family, friends, and everything else. Unfortunatly, self harm isn''t my only problem. I''ve been burning, cutting, using things I shouldn''t for too long. I do it all to escape from my everyday life. I stopped for a few months when I told someone I trusted, but he was scared after he asked to see the scars. So, I guess it''s just what it is.

Too late for me : You never know how your actions are going to affect someone, so at least try to make them nice ones.. - City