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Bottom line is what you said yourself, without the the outward expression others won t know what the individual feels. But since there are no mindreaders, the outward expression is also their only source of information. They have no way for them to know what there actually is in the inside.

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In talking with Robin Williams, Harlan Ellison talked at length about how being the short little Jew in Hollywood meant he could tweak the noses of important people and get away with it instead of getting knocked out, and by all accounts he did okay with the ladies, who were drawn to his confidence and bravado.

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Just don 8767 t make the common mistake of using  her height as a come-on telling a tall woman that you 8767 d like to climb her like a jungle-gym is an invitation for a visit from the slap-fairy. And yes, I 8767 ve seen people use that exact line before.

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So she told me that she called him, and fought for him because he 8767 s wonderful, and found out his wife cheated on him so he has a hard time trusting and yes, he 8767 s scared. She felt so bad for him and said after their talk they were closer than before. So she agreed to keep seeing him with the understanding she won 8767 t pressure him for anything. They 8767 ll just 8775 see how it goes. 8776 She thinks over time, he 8767 ll get over his fear, fall in love with her and she 8767 ll get her man.

You nailef it The difference with confidence compared to other traits is that it is needed for people to show who they are with minimal fear and concern about others disliking them for those traits. It is what allows people to not fear looking stupid or not fitting in. It also clears people s heads to trust their own judgment on others.

I think it can also be useful as a tool to get yourself doing things that you wouldn t otherwise do. If you pretend you re confident, and that gets you talking to people, doing public speaking, dancing in public or whatever else lack of confidence has kept you from doing, that can be valuable in itself. Even if the confidence was fake, the things you do while pretending are real.

One of the worst things that guys can do to themselves is to get defensive about being short. Look, I get it: you 8767 ve been getting Oompa Loompa jokes since forever. You 8767 ve been called midget, Tiny Tim, Grumpy and all the other names. You watch women even women who 8767 re around  your height   pass you by to date taller men. Society tends to equate height with masculinity and power when you are lacking in one, you feel that people assume you 8767 re lacking in the others as well. You 8767 re understandably resentful about it. I completely sympathize with it.

I know how to tell a guy is falling in love with you. He tells you, with his actions, and not necessarily just his words.

I once saw a paper about average height differences both self-ascribed and revealed couples as well as relative height distributions for American women and men. There was even a calculator online that would reveal the assumed number of women who would be attracted to a person of a given height surprisingly, taller wasn t *always* better, and the most attractive people, even for men, were in the middle of the distribution. Someone about 6 would be found attractive by, if I remember correctly, about 68% of women, someone 5 6 was still found attractive by 56% of women. Taller and shorter guys were found less attractive.

*blinkblinkblink* what? are you saying that hanging outside enjoying the sunshine and approaching a stranger to ask the time or if the #X bus has already passed by are fundamentally evil? Because that sounds like that s what you re saying.

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