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Select the disc or drive that is the problem and see what IsoBuster finds. If it doesn't immediately show the files you're after, right mouse click the top most icon in the left pane and select " Find missing files and folders ". A full medium scan will then reveal the missing data, even based on file signatures.

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Atola Insight Forensic is the only data recovery product that was built with case management in mind. All functions are tied in to one-another and the system tracks and records every action taken with a given hard drive. If a session is stopped and the hard drive is disconnected from Atola Insight and then later reconnected, the system will recognize the hard drive and give the operator the option to re-open the case. See the Case Management page for details.

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Your program is a lifesaver. I had mistakenly put all of my family pictures from over the years onto a CD-R disc and then deleted them from the pc. I thought they were lost to me. I purchased your software and in just a few minutes I had them all back. So easy to use!

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To offer scratched hard drive data recovery services, is this your dream? Dolphin Data Lab helps you to have this dream come true.

I was able to successfully install IsoBuster with your help. The first time I used it was a miracle. I had a CD backup of an old DOS program that I had on my old WIN98 computer and when I had first tried to read it, it showed as a blank disk. Using Isobuster I could immediately read the data and transfer it in usable form to my new XP computer. That has saved me several hundred hours of work since the data represents 85 years of collecting my family geneologic data that would have had be re-entered, Thanks for your fine product.

For assistance in selecting the search best suited to recover your deleted files, please refer to our data recovery quick start guide.

Thanks for your quick assistance and a great program. I can t tell you how many clients that I have who use UDF packet writing software who can t seem to close out their disks. No matter how many times I explain it, they never seem to be able to do it. Your program is a life saver..

MiniTool's installer warns that you should never install the program on the disk partition containing the lost data since that can cause irretrievable data loss. It's always best to run data-recovery operations from a separate, healthy disk, and usually necessary as well. MiniTool's colorful, simple user interface has large buttons for its five modules: Undelete Recovery, Damaged Partition Recovery, Lost Partition Recovery, Digital Media Recovery, and CD/DVD Recovery. Two more buttons let you contact technical support and buy a bootable CD (you can create a bootable system repair disk with your system's existing Windows Backup, too).

Dear Peter, I bought IsoBuster today at the suggestion of the Nero support team. I have a CD, very precious, which I have been unable to open. I can hardly believe it, but your amazing program was able to read it!! It was also able to open a CD of my Mother's which was corrupted while it was being closed on her computer. This contained her entire hard drive back-up. We didn't know it was corrupt till we tried to reinstall the data on her formatted hard drive! IsoBuster managed to read and save it for me. I am so grateful - thank you so much. I will tell everyone I know about it it is worth every penny! Thanks again.

Brilliant software. Tried lots of alternatives none of which came anywhere close to IsoBuster. My camcorder completely messed up the disk but IsoBuster recovered almost all of the video. Thanks.

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