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Дата публикации: 2017-08-13 18:00

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Funny every single one of my controllers work just fine and oh what 8767 s this? XBOX LIVE DOWN FOR 7 WEEKS IN 7557 WITH CRAP COMPENSATION! 6 LOW RANKED FKING GAME!

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i feel the same i believe mircosoft can do a lot better then choosing through its recycled deal of the week games for its games with gold and like you said PS+ are retail games were XBL is offering 6 arcade and 6 retail that in my opinion is really cheap by mircosoft

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can one of the free games be Naruto ultimate ninja storm generations plz I really want to get the game and it is no longer sold and it is a game you can play with friends and it has a really good story mode I hope you agree and make it a free game


wait a second Didn 8767 t playstation get hacked because Sony LIED and broke the the User Agreement by not keeping vital security updates up-to-date.

No shit you can get any game on PC and xbox. It 8767 s the same effin company bro, is every PS fanboy on here hittin up bath salts ??

Xbox has made a name for it 8767 s self and is the perfect competition for PlayStation (I love Nintendo but they do their own thing and do not offer much of a competition).

Really? Gears, Halo, and Fable are better than MGS9 (MGS Legacy as well), The Last of Us, Demon Souls, InFamous, and God of War? Yeah.

I just want people to open their eyes and see what horrid things microsoft has done and how xbox simply costs the most and gives the least.

NO Free to play online games
NO Video chat
NO Video capture/upload
NO Cross game chat
NO One Guide
NO Access to streaming services
NO Internet Browser
NO Online movie rental

I 8767 m fine with you going to xbox if that 8767 s what your decision is. But I 8767 m never going to let you forget that you are paying the most and getting the least.