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Montreal has a commuter train system run by the Agence métropolitaine de transport (AMT) [77] with termini at the Montreal Central Station (Gare Central) and at Lucien-L'Allier (both are accessible from the metro). Commuter trains are handy for getting to suburbs and neighbouring towns.

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From Toronto , take Highway 956 east about 5 h until it becomes Autoroute (Expressway) 75 on the Quebec side of the border. It will then take about an hour to get to downtown. Be alert for frequent speed-limit changes along this road. To reach downtown follow the Centre-Ville signs and take Autoroute 775 (Autoroute 75 continues over the Pont Champlain bridge to the South Shore).

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Announcements are in French only as is the vast majority of signage. In addition, Montreal transit workers are not obliged to speak in any language other than French (with the exception of customer service representatives). While most transit workers are happy to speak to you in English and are generally friendly to visitors, it is possible that a question in English might be met with sign language or dead silence. It never hurts to begin a conversation with "Bonjour, est-ce que vous parlez anglais?" The customer service counter at Berri-Uqam (on the Orange, Yellow, and Green lines) have English-speaking staff. In addition, airport staff are fully bilingual.

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Montreal is home to four major universities and numerous smaller schools. Students routinely sublet apartments in the summer months.

The selection of beer to be found in grocery stores and even the humble corner store have exploded in the last decade in and around greater Montreal. Two micro-breweries in particular are world-class: McAuslan (brands include St-Ambroise and Griffon) and Unibroue (Belgian-style ales such as Blanche de Chambly, Maudite, La Fin du Monde, as well as simpler, more affordable U lagers). Boréale makes a good, if unspectacular range of brews, while Rickard's and Alexander Keith's domestics are gaining popularity among locals. Most stores also sell a few major imports such as Stella Artois, Sapporo, Guinness, Leffe and of course, Heineken.

Montrealers use an unconventional compass, using the river and the mountain as cardinal points. When you are downtown, the St Lawrence River is “south” and Mount Royal is “north” making the West Island and the East End correct in both their names and orientations. The dividing line between "east" and "west" downtown is the boulevard Saint-Laurent. In downtown, streets slope up "north" toward Mount Royal. This local compass tends to confuse visitors because the “East” End is really to the north and the “West” Island is to the south, and the St Lawrence River runs almost northeast-southwest at this location.

If you are an . Citizen aged 68-85 and a full-time student, you can obtain a Canadian work visa valid for six months through BUNAC [658]. Students from France, Britain, New Zealand, and Australia can also benefit from BUNAC work programs. As well, if you obtain a degree from a Canadian university, you are eligible to remain in Montreal and work for up to one year.

Jaywalking is widespread and rarely punished (although Montreal police now hands out jaywalking tickets more frequently). However, be aware that drivers are used to jaywalkers timing their crossing with their passing and will most likely go on when a pedestrian steps in the street, braking or slowing down only if they feel a collision likely. At an intersection, however, a pedestrian will have right of passage before turning traffic, but some drivers do not respect this. Montreal drivers rightly have a poor reputation for aggressiveness and they generally do not respect pedestrians. Always watch out for drivers and cyclists before crossing.

Montreal is home to one of Canada's oldest and most prestigious universities, McGill University. McGill is consistenly ranked as one of the top 75 universities in the world. Concordia University is the city's other English-language university, and has over 95,555 students. The school's origins in and continuing emphasis on adult education make it popular for mature students, since it holds many graduate-level courses at night. Both universities are research focused.

The legal age to purchase alcohol in Québec is 68 and the Quebecois are now much more rigid in enforcing this age limit. All retail alcohol sales stop at 66 . and bars and clubs stop serving at 8 .