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Christmas Gifts and Gift Ideas

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85. Microwavable heating pad. Another simple sewing project? This makes a nice gift for an elderly person. Make a microwavable heating pad by sewing fabric into a rectangle. Fill with rice (and a few drops of essential oils if you have some).

Cocoon Corporate - Goodie Bags, Staff Gifts & Christmas

There are so many of which actually take you to the project that you are talking 8767 s simply an annoying time waster. I realize that you probably have to link to the person 8767 s blog and not just the exact at least tell us how to GET to the project on their that one there 8767 s so much ..s I mean stuff, on that blog that I don 8767 t have time to waste poking around to find some cute magnet project.

How to Figure Out What Your Parents Got You for Christmas

This Christmas stocking doodle colouring card has lots of detail to appeal to older kids and possibly adults too. Print using borderless settings if possible, colour and fold.

AChristmas Memory by Truman Capote - now voyager.

Here s a fun Christmas colouring page for children of a family sitting down for their Christmas dinner feast with all the trimmings! There s lots of detail to colour in.

79. Artwork display frame. Frames are often expensive, so look for out-dated paintings at thrift stores. Keep the frame toss the painting. Any of your farmer friends might have some chicken wire to spare, so take the old frame and staple chicken wire to the back. Include a package of tiny clothespins with your gift so photos or artwork can be attached.

Here s a pretty Christmas colouring card featuring a beautiful European street-scene at Christmas for kids to colour in and give!

I love the I Spy ornaments ideas! I have also heard of I Spy quilts- you buy a bunch of fabric remnants and cut them into squares and quilt them together. Then you give the quilt to a child along with a list of things to find on their quilt. Makes a nice before-bed winding down activity for toddlers.
I have always kepts a list of who to buy for/make a present for. I think it is really easy to get carried away with the idea of making all these things and then just run out of time and end up running to the store and spending unnecessarily just to have a gift. I guess the most important thing is to start early!

Unlike other gift shopping sites, our family is dedicated to making your entire holiday shopping adventure as exciting and fun as it can be.

This is one of the best and most useful lists I have ever seen. I will most certainly be using several of these ideas and also some of the great stuff suggested by the commenters.

wonderful list, as well as comment ideas! i 8767 ll bookmark this!
thanks for all the hard work in making the list with links! 🙂

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