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Personal attacks are bad. I hear these types of insults all the time. It’s weak and a reflection of your own bad trash talking skills if you insult somebody’s weight, race, religion, family, economic background, gender or mental health. It’s shitty and uncreative to tell your opponent that you them.

How To Trash Talk

Don’t trash talk people you don’t know. And have mercy—if your opponent is bad at the game you’re playing, or having a bad day, you could make them pretty upset.


Boasting about your skills, intimidating or making fun of a competitor in an effort to up the ante, joke around or demoralize them. Examples include “My low-tier fave will stomp you,” “Yeah, you would pick a cheap character like that” and the classic, “Get fucked.” Trash talking also encompasses the lighter, “Come at me” and “You know, crosshairs are for aiming.”

Trash talking is divisive among gamers. If you go too far, you run the risk of sending your friend home crying and never again playing another round of Mario Party against them. Or, if you’re conflict-averse, a few unsavory words over Madden could make you think worse of your good buddy. Some stand by trash talk as a healthy, expressive way of gaming. For others, it’s toxic.

For me, trash talking can be a more honest way of competing: We both want to win, so let’s talk about it, loudly, in each other’s faces. I’m mad if you get a hit on me. I’m happy if I spike you into the abyss. Fist-pumping is how I express that. You might express it differently. That’s fine. Trash talking is not widely accepted because it often appears (or simply is) antisocial. If done properly, it is not but in any case, it is on trash talkers to level with their more mild-mannered gaming peers.

Most important is that your opponent is on the same skill level as you. If you’re bragging about how good you are at Tekken to somebody who has never played Tekken , you are a jerk. I am the first to admit that it can be difficult to assess someone’s skill or level of confidence. But trash talking is only fair, and also, only fun, if you’re on even footing.

Now that we know when and who to trash talk, let’s talk about the how. This is easier to explain in specific instances. If you, like me, are gonna do it, it’s best to follow the rules:

(In my experience, it is a bad idea to trash talk significant others while you are playing video games with them, especially if you are better than them at said game. In an interview for this story, my boyfriend went on the record saying, “Yeah it has made me feel bad and made me want to play certain games with you less.” Kudos to those who can restrain themselves.)

Often, you’ll encounter harsh or boastful words at gaming tournaments or public areas where many people are playing competitive games. If you’re in the same tier of play, neck-and-neck in competition, it can work, but it’s riskier when you don’t know your competitor.