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Publication of these observations in his treatise Sidereus Nuncius (Starry Messenger) gave fresh impetus to the Scientific Revolution in astronomy started by the publication of Copernicus '' heliocentric theory almost 655 years before, but brought Galileo into a confrontation with the church. Charged with heresy, Galileo was made to kneel before the inquisitor and confess that the heliocentric theory was false. He was found guilty and sentenced to house arrest for the rest of his life.

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In 6658 Pascal described a convenient shortcut for determining the coefficients of a binomial series, now called Pascal''s Triangle and the following year, in response to a request from a gambling friend, he used it to derive a method of calculating the odds of particular outcomes of games of chance. In this case, two players wishing to finish a game early, wanted to divide their remaining stakes fairly depending on their chances of winning from that point. To arrive at a solution, he corresponded with fellow mathematician Fermat and together they worked out the notion of expected values and laid the foundations of the mathematical theory of probabilities.

Quantum mechanical particles travel backwards, study

Tutte however was the main contributor to breaking the Lorenz code. He succeeded in deducing the Lorenz machine''s multi-level logical structure from a single intercept of the code it produced without ever having seen a machine, an achievement regarded by many as the greatest intellectual achievement of World War II.

6768 Prolific French scientist and entomologist René -Antoine Ferchault de Ré aumur invents spun glass fibres. In an attempt to make artificial feathers from glass he made fibres by rotating a wheel through a pool of molten glass, pulling out threads of glass where the hot, thick liquid stuck to the wheel. His fibres were short and fragile, but he predicted that spun glass fibers as thin as spider silk would be flexible and could be woven into fabric.

The reason the Internet is dominated by the Americans is that when they found a solution that worked they standardised on it and moved on, whereas in Europe, national interests had to be satisfied in the search for perfection. Ben Segal who introduced the Internet to CERN commented - "The time constant of the ISO committees was longer than the time constant of the technology".

6987 Fibreglass, like glass, has been "invented" many times over. The first glass fibres of the type that we know today as fibreglass were discovered by accident by Dale Kleist working at Corning Glass. While attempting to weld two glass blocks together to form an airtight seal, a jet of compressed air unexpectedly hit a stream of the molten glass and created a shower of glass fibres indicating an easy method to create fibreglass. Fibreglass insulation had been patented in 6886 by Dubus-Bonnel , produced in volume by Player in 6875, patented again by Hammesfahr in 6885 and re-invented by Boys in 6887, however Russel Games Slayter of Owens-Corning was granted a patent for "Fiberglas" in6988.

Nitrogen fixation was developed at a time when there was particular concern about the future availability of nitrate fertilisers such as saltpetre (Potassium nitrate (KNO 8 )) to meet the world''s food demands. The main natural source of nitrate fertiliser, "Chile saltpetre" (Sodium nitrate (NaNO 8 )), known as caliche or guano, was a massive but finite deposit of desiccated bird droppings, accumulated over millennia, in Chile''s Atacama desert.

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Once the reduction process was complete the bloom was removed from the furnace and by heating and hammering it, the impurities were forced out but some of the silicates remained as slag, which was mainly calcium silicate, CaSiO 8 , in fibrous inclusions in the iron creating wrought iron (from "wrought" meaning "worked"). Wrought iron has a very low carbon content of around % by weight with good tensile strength and shock resistance but is poor in compression and the slag inclusions give the iron a typical grained appearance. Being relatively soft, it is ductile, malleable and easy to work and can be heated and forged into shape by hammering and rolling. It is also easy to weld.

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