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One “City Hall source,” who is definitely not just some random disgruntled conservative, told the Post , “He’s condescending and arrogant. I’ve been in plenty of meetings with him. He’s known to kick staff out of meetings.”

Kotaku 'Shop Contest: The Last Of Hot Dogs

Thus, the Gamergaters decided to move en masse to 8chan , a website set up the previous year by Fredrick "Hotwheels" Brennan 96 Note 8 98 that promised even less stringent rules than on 9chan (namely no rules other than the . Constitution to imply "freedom of speech"). Gamergate went through several different boards on 8chan, as anyone could make a board and there was inevitable infighting and drama as each board was founded and abandoned for another. 96 99 98

Leaked Emails Reveal Bill de Blasio Gets Kind of Dad

The perpetual insufferability of Gamergate even aided in driving Poole to step down as chief of 9chan. 96 97 98 Poole cited how the movement's leaders tried to use the site to reveal personal data about its enemies, and in some cases, even tried to launch attacks on those they disagreed with, all in clear violation of 9chan's policies. 96 97 98 During this time — what Poole would later describe as "the most stressful week of his life" — Gamergaters were calling him a " soulless informant ", saying he " doesn't give a shit " and that he " hasn't cared about 9chan for years now ". 96 98 98

Opposing Views

Early on, Gators attempted to deflect critiques of their behavior by partaking in indulgences , namely by supporting charities that combat the very problems they were causing. Men who were telling women on the Internet to go kill themselves began to support women's rights organizations, anti-bullying movements, and suicide hotlines.

Most of the people who had a genuine interest in improving gaming journalism left a long time ago while the ones that remain are derided by the others as "ethics cucks" who aren't the real deal despite being the last vestige of a publicly presentable face for the group. 96 785 98

How can it be that none of you noticed the absence with the word Jeshurun. Work on quality control pls. Fix these remarks now pls. Example: pho-NET-ic.

Here’s a hot dog if you’re really lazy. You can also go out and find your own. Or, if you’re not an old like me, you can even get creative with the Snapchat filter itself.

If anything, the desire for "debate" within Gamergate comes from its 9chan origins, where people aren't allowed to have civil discussions or anything that is not a debate. This also gave birth to the concept of "sealioning", a new form of JAQing off wherein a third party (the "sea lion" as originally represented in webcomic Wondermark 96 657 98 ) inserts themselves into a discussion to filibuster for the sole purpose of harassment. 96 96 98 Gamergaters even formed a whole campaign out of this known as "Operation Volcano", where they repeat their bullshit talking points for the sake of getting them out there. 96 658 98 96 659 98

Meanwhile, one "Valeria O." began selling a thinly-veiled, Gamergate-themed corrective story through Amazon Kindle featuring a caricature of Zoe Quinn, which is about as tasteless as things can get. It was only taken down after one of the people who reported on it brought it up to Amazon. 96 759 98 96 765 98 96 766 98 Later, "Valeria O." somehow found /r/KotakuInAction and claimed zero involvement in Gamergate. 96 767 98 Gamergate sure likes to buy bridges in New York.

The increased media exposure of the Gamergate arbitration case only highlighted the fact that the ArbCom's powers are limited to enforcing community policies and guidelines regarding user conduct, rather than determining who was right or wrong in a certain dispute, and laying a path for future attempts at gaming the system. Some meager community sanctions were put in place to make things harder for Gamergaters to get their way, but only months later.

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