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Sandra er en av dagens største popartister i Norge. Vloggen hennes på MTV-play kommer til å handle om musikk, mote, meninger og egentlig det publikum vil at den skal handle om.

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Hostels are fantastic for meeting people, but they are also the ultimate breeding ground for jealousy. One day you meet a great guy and seem to hit it off, spending every moment of the day together. But then a new group of girls arrives, and one of them realizes how great your guy is and makes a move.

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It never ends well. You either resort to high-school tactics — hoping your “old” hostel friends you’ve only known a few days will shun her, ultimately making her move on to a new city and away from your man — or better yet, there’s a drunken night out where you confront her or him. Either way, you look like a fool for becoming psychotically attached to some boy you’ve only known for three days.

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Hello guys and gals! We are featuring our favorite EDM DJ duo The Chainsmokers as they are on heavy rotation in our youtube, itunes and spotify playlist.

But reality will slap you into sensibility. I learned quickly that Latin men are passionate, feel things deeply, and are attracted to the fierce independence of Western women. Seems like a match made in heaven —until you ultimately struggle over issues of jealousy over friends of the opposite sex.

Next video is another collaboration but this time its with the Grammy-award-winning singer John Legend. Here is Meghan Trainor singing L ike I 8767 m Gonna Lose You featuring John Legend

Last but not the least, here is one the latest song from Meghan to date. It is part of the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack of the PEANUTS Movie. Here is Meghan singing 8775 Better When I 8767 m Dancin 8766 8776

The other important thing is maintaining your personal boundaries and space do you really want to be that girl who chases every cute boy with a tattoo? Or would you rather enjoy being your own, independent, resourceful chick who doesn 8767 t need to fall at the feet of some lad, only to have your heart broken a week down the track?

Our favorite reality lads and lasses in Geordie Shore are world champions in partying, pulling, bucking, necking on and getting mortal.

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