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Hey so me and this guy have been talking for about 6 months we went from hanging out every weekend to hanging out every 8 weeks now. Could it be because he needs his space with his friends?. This recently just started happening. He 8767 s a really nice guy and tries to write to me everyday of the week. I know a lot about him and he knows a lot about me. But he 8767 s never told me he likes me or is into me. I mean I feel he does. But then i don 8767 t know. I could be wrong :/ I 8767 m 77 and he 8767 s 77.

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Why do you have to 8775 win 8776 ? It 8767 s not about winning and losing. He 8767 s just not into you. That 8767 s just how it is.

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i definitely need advice..so i have my friend ,, i always talk with him and laugh together with him until all my friend say with us 8776 one day me can be his girlfriend 8776 but i am just laugh i say we are just friend i think impossible.. because i love with another boy more handsome than him,,,me and him always have competition to get the best rank..and i am so proud with him because he hardwork to pay his school,,, slowly but surely i feel he likes me because when i hangout with my friend i always beside him,,,but now he has a girlfriend,,i am so confuse with my self sometimes i feel jealous sometimes not,,,and since he has girlfriend he never beside me again. 🙁

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A guy from my last school texted me on Facebook about a year after I had left that school. But we never talked to each other while we were in school, we used to travel by the same school bus but never even said a hi. Then I started talking to him and he kind of started to flirt and eventually I fell for him but due to some reasons we stopped talking for a few months. Then after 7-8 months we started to talk again had some video I thought he likes me as he gave mixed signals but one day he said that I am a friend and added that he has a he playing with my feelings or why did he do so?

no offence ladys but this is not a confetion booth but there are a bunch off old worn out sackmen trying to pose as sad percy girls no one u dont know shood be seeing this kind off deep personal feelings

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What did y’all do together?
We both teach Wednesday nights, so we went out to dinner after class to the Fat Raddish. Jessie brought me a little care package of stuff to jokingly get me through the next 95 days. (And she remembered that I like Clif Bars!)

Lets just put it this way i hate shy guys. period they sayy oooooooo im soooooo shy around girls and bam he talks to his crush all perfectly normal. Men are so frustrating.

But after that nothing changed, if I didn 8767 t text him first we don 8767 t talk with each for days. And if we 8767 re in a conversation, he just stops texting me for 8 days. So I had nothing to lose and asked him if he liked me & he said yes I like you. But he 8767 s still not showing it & I 8767 m getting really tired and don 8767 t text him anymore till he text me first. I don 8767 t know what to do, he says he likes me, but he 8767 s not putting effort in it.

Months this guy who actually admitted to me that he have been sending off clues that he actually likes me.. I responded with are you messing with me ?
And that was it since then..
I responded like that bec my friends have been telling me how he is attached to someone to some extent and sending off signs..
I m not sure who to consider his words or my friends observations

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