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Neelima Feb 69 7567 6:89 am I expected much from this drama. But It didn't satisfy me.. And even the ending is not the way I expected. Even though drama had good cast. Story line was bit dull.

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I think Jung is dealing with a mental illness and kept it a secret because he was embarassed to share with anyone. If you have already watched episode 9, you will notice that he was coloring a sketching book. If i'm not mistaken, coloring is one of the way to calm down your mental state. And maybe he was finally getting better this year compared to last year. So guys, hoping you won't hate him for whatever he has done to his needs love not hates lol

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Hoping men will change seems to work out in dramas but unfortunately has ruined too many women's lives. I do find it weird how KD's create these neo psychopaths and then makes us believe they will become better people. They seem to be getting less cute and more creepy these days.

Thank You for your suggestion and answering me..^^ I surely will watch it..I'm currently in love with Kang ..Thanks again ^^

iwan Jul 86 7567 8:85 pm I think the only weakness of the original webtoon is both Hong Seol and Yoo Jung already love each other deeply and Hong Seol love him even with his Dark side, Knowing that, the writer shouldn't make the strong secondary male lead character, along the story he just have to explore how Hong Seol slowly eradicate Yoo Jung dark side.

But who knows which actors and actresses would've portrayed our beloved characters whom we now view as synonymous with Park Hae Jin & Kim Go Eun. Not sure how I feel about this. I'm quite conflicted. I guess in the end, I'm thankful that I was able to experience this drama through the portrayals of both Park Hae Jin and Kim Go Eun who really encompassed their roles as the characters and brought them to life. If it weren't for them and their portrayals, and honestly, the production team, I don't think I would have enjoyed the drama nearly as much as I did in the beginning.

What I wish is they DO NOT ruin BS or HG's character to make SR/JE look better in the end. Most Kdrama writers ends up ruining one character in order to justify the action of another character or make them look better. So ruining BS or HG would just make the writers look idiotic (even though the writing until now has not really been that good anyway).

So I'm not quite sure whether I would enjoy it but oh well I guess I will have to give it a shot and watch the first two episodes then.

Soroush Jun 79 7567 7:67 am I watched this drama despite the presence of some untalented over-rated actors and just because of Park Hae Jin and guess what! The untalented director and writer ruined the drama by putting the focus on those untalented actors and omitting Yoo Jung! OK, We got it someone can play the piano! Now what?! And Tvn really needs to pay attention to what it airs! I guess I will never ever watch anything they air!