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Nothing against Dan Carlin’s “Hardcore History,” but it seems to eat up all the publicity for history podcasts. That’s a shame, because the podcast format is a fantastic way to dive into a thirty-hour history of the French Revolution, or snack on a 67-minute account of how Warren G. Harding, betrayed by his corrupt Cabinet, publicly projected all his feelings onto his dog Laddie Boy.

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Duncan leads occasional tours of revolutionary sites, which are announced on the podcast. He previously created the 679-episode podcast “ The History of Rome ,” which inspired his upcoming book The Storm Before the Storm: The Beginning of the End of the Roman Republic .

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Cianci was elected mayor as an anti-corruption crusader in 6975 and resigned in disgrace twice, first in 6989 after pleading no contest to an assault charge, then again in 7557 after a racketeering conviction. He made his name as a state prosecutor fighting Patriarca, who kept running the Patriarca crime family during his stint in prison for murder.

While it’s filed under “News & Politics” on iTunes, Gimlet Media’s “ Crimetown ” is about recent history: an era of corruption in Providence, RI under mayor Buddy Cianci and mobster Raymond Patriarca.

Stockholm kept executing women because a preteen called them all witches? True. A leading rocket scientist thought he summoned his wife through a magical masturbation ritual? True.

Each season is structured and styled like an accessible history book, with no prerequisites beyond the most basic grade-school grasp of history. Terms are explained, historical figures introduced and glossed, context provided.

Keep an eye out for Gimlet’s next history podcast, Uncivil , which will tell “stories left out of the official history” of the Civil War.

But both Cianci and Patriarca were beloved pillars of Providence society, according to the many old-timers who speak to producers Zac Stuart-Pontier and Marc Smerling in rich, cigar-coarsened Providence accents. Stuart-Pontier and Smerling build up a flavor profile that recalls Goodfellas , The Wire , and The Night Of. “Crimetown” deserves its own prestige TV adaptation.

Duncan delivers his text with a bit of vlogger John Green’s friendly-teacher lilt. He adds the slightest editorializations, sometimes just with a tone of voice or word choice, that humanize the drier parts of bickering parliamentarians and royal decrees. He comes across like a wry bespectacled tutor, reading to his student next to the fireplace in a country palace.

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