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I have a crush on a guy, I 8767 ve liked him since I was in middle school (im 68yo now) but now I 8767 m confused if I still like him or not anymore. I did think a lot about him back when I was in middle school. But not anymore now. I don 8767 t know if that 8767 s because we don 8767 t meet each other anymore or what, idk.

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A refusal to have sex with you doesn 8767 t necessarily mean that he 8767 s asexual. Maybe he 8767 s asexual, maybe he 8767 s actually stressed out, maybe he 8767 s gay, maybe he 8767 s got performance anxiety, maybe he doesn 8767 t want children, maybe he thinks sex is 8775 dirty 8776 . The only way to find out what 8767 s going on is to talk to him about it. (Preferably in a non-confrontational manner, outside of the bedroom.)

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I have always had an active fantasy life. But when real opportunities come along, I always run. I don 8767 t really want to BE with anyone, but I do often think about it. I find the actual act of sex with someone as messy, complicated, and frankly, kind of disgusting. I have never really liked close contact with people, touching, being close. I like people, just need to be at arm 8767 s length. Hope this helps. By the way, I am 56, so I guess I know myself as well as I ever will.

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You realize that everyone else thinks about sex in a completely different manner than you do.= i always tought it was for reproduction, i dont get it if it for other else

While a lot of these things listed in the article are true for plenty of asexual people, I wanted to make it very clear that this is not always the case. Asexuality is only defined by lack of attraction. Personally, I still think I could take pleasure from sex and I still have a libido. Libido and attraction are completely separate, as are sexual attraction and romantic attraction. The most annoying question I get is 8775 so you don 8767 t like anyone? 8776 . THATS NOT WHAT IT MEANS. Asexual people can still feel romantic attraction. I don 8767 t get why people have to overcomplicate such a simple concept– asexual people do not experience sexual attraction. That 8767 s it.

I feel that romantic attraction and sexual attraction are completely different. Romantic is who you fall in love with and sexual is who you would have sex with. I identify as a Panromantic Asexual, meaning that I fall in love with people and personalities (not gender), but I 8767 m not sexually attracted to any gender. But yeah, all in all, I don 8767 t need sex to live. I 8767 m perfectly fine with still being a virgin even when I die. I fail to understand society 8767 s crazed and stressed importance over the loss of virginity. Eh, there 8767 s a lot I don 8767 t understand. :)

Thank you for this post! I appreciate that you made it clear that not all asexuals are aromantic, even if you didn 8767 t use those words. (There 8767 s nothing wrong with aromanticism, but a lot of people assume it means the same thing as asexual.) I 8767 m a female who has pretty much identified as ace for a few years now, but I 8767 ve always questioned if I was really asexual because I still felt romantically attracted to guys. Only recently did I start reading up on the difference between asexual and aromantic, and between a few other sources and this article, I no longer feel like a fake asexual for wanting romance but not sex.

And when these people try to coerce me into sex, it annoys me that they could throw it around so casually not because I think it 8767 s sacred but because I have no interest in doing it and, as I said, would only do it if my romantic partner NEEDED it.

I have told friends that I have no interest in sex, and their reactions are the same: what? You don 8767 t have sex? or what? I couldn 8767 t survive! My best friend still finds it hard to believe, because I can still find a person hot, or beautiful. I suppose I 8767 m a romantic asexual, and get closer to someone by conversation rather than cuddling and kissing. Even kissing 8767 s weird! I don 8767 t care anymore though. I 8767 ll carry on with my lifelong plans.

Actually majority of people are on the sexual side of the spectrum. The rest of us are minorities especially full asexuals on the opposite side of the spectrum. Studies show that statistically only 6 percent of the population is asexual, although some scientists think it 8767 s probably a bit higher than that.

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