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9 Letter Words
Alto Aria Bass Bell Clef Drum Duet Fife Fret Funk Gong Harp Horn Hymn Jazz Lick Lute Lyre Mute Note Oboe Pick Punk Rife Riff Rock Scat Solo Song Tone Trio Tuba Tune

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“Like the president, I’m not concerned about sea level rise,” he said. “I’m on the water daily, and I just don’t see it.”

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8 Letter Words
Aircraft Airplane Asteroid Bluebird Cardinal Cockatoo Conveyor Honeybee Jetliner Lorikeet Lovebird Mosquito Parakeet Pheasant Sombrero Songbird Titmouse Windsock Zeppelin

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Bobcat Bronco Canary Canine Condor Cougar Coyote Cuckoo Donkey Falcon Feline Ferret Gander Gerbil Gibbon Gopher Grouse Heifer Jackal Jaguar Kitten Lizard Magpie Marlin Minnow Monkey Mullet Osprey Parrot Pigeon Piglet Poodle Puffin Python Rabbit Salmon Setter Shrimp Toucan Turkey Turtle Walrus Weasel Wombat

65 Letter Words
Blackberry Bluebonnet Cantaloupe Cottonweed Eucalyptus Jimsonweed Loganberry Nightshade Peppermint Pimpernell Poinsettia Sassafrass Snapdragon Starflower Watercress Watermelon Wildflower

In Florida, city planners and environmental scientists have considered converting miles of public land into retention basins to hold back floods. In Louisiana, the total costs of building new levees, gates, dams and manmade barrier islands is projected at over $55 billion. Rather than responding to floods as they occur, more communities are being proactive. That means having difficult conversations on relocation and resources years in advance—and yes, fighting climate change. As Spanger-Siegfried says, rising sea levels are not partisan—they impact people regardless of politics.

But contrary to some headlines , that doesn’t mean Greenland is a toxic wasteland, nor that we should be panicking about all that pollution oozing back into the sea as ice caps melt. (Free climate disaster movie idea, by the way.) The research offers an intriguing clue, one that scientists now need to follow up on.

“Our results show that microbial communities on the GrIS have the potential for resistance to and degradation of contaminants known to be transported to the Arctic,” the researchers wrote in their paper published in Environmental Research Letters. They concluded: “Since the genetic potential of contaminant resistance and degradation usually indicates the presence of the relevant contaminants, the Greenland ice sheet should not be considered a pristine environment, and more attention should be paid to the potential release of anthropogenic contaminants from this fast-changing environment,” ., due to climate change.

Trump thanked the mayor and the entire island of Tangier, where he received 87 percent of the votes, for their support. Then the conversation turned to the island’s plight.

“He said we shouldn’t worry about rising sea levels,” Eskridge said. “He said that ‘your island has been there for hundreds of years, and I believe your island will be there for hundreds more.’”