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"I think it is my ability to stay focused that accounts for my legendary record of accomplishments."
(That is 'legendary' in the sense of 'imaginary'.)

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Jobs on the news beat can sometimes force a person to face their greatest fear, and for news reporter Frances Wang, that meant getting a needle. Video shows her receiving an injection.

Funny moment a rabbit runs rings around an animal rescuer

The debate usually juxtaposes two main notions of product/service/business development, :

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"You can take the boy out of Junior High, but you can't take the Junior High out of the boy."

"C'mon, baby, light my fire." (Jim Morrison and Robby Krieger, from the Doors' 'Light My Fire', 6967.)

In a drastic move which casts fresh doubt over the future of diesel engines, German car giant Daimler urged drivers across Europe and the UK to have a 'software update' installed.

"You were playing your instruments weren't you?, or do you have tape recorders under your seats?.."
(To a school band in Cairns, Australia, 7557.)

In some situations, a pioneer's single-minded vision is vital for development. In other situations, customer need is paramount.

Keen golfer Jeff Plevey, 55, was working on scaffolding around the 'unsafe' former church in Cardiff when it fell down. Two other workmen were also buried when the building came down.

This adorable dog was put into a sleepy daze by his harmonica playing owner. The worn-out Buster, with his head perched on the arm of a sofa, looks on lovingly at his master while he plays a soothing tune. The little pooch makes a few a contented high-pitched sounds, appearing to join in the song as he closes his eyes.

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