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A good thing to keep in mind is that Asian girls are raised to be seen, and not heard. That stereotype about 8775 submissive 8776 Asian girls? Not necessarily true, but often true, yes, but perhaps submissive is not the wrong word. 8775 Timid 8776 is more accurate.

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If you 8767 re Black and you have yellow fever like me, I feel sorry for you. do your best to avoid asians and other races that hate you, build for self, and separate.

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Hi Tony, like what 8767 s up w those Asian girls ? Even the ones born here are the same. Perhaps don 8767 t run away but at the least walk away quickly. It 8766 s got to be a culture thing, what they 8767 ve been taught at a age. Isn 8767 t it?
Or could it be : 8775 Never the twain shall meet, East & West travel different roads 8776 . Would make it a genetic thing wouldn 8767 t it? I 8767 ve noticed they like nerds. Yeeea some one tell me what 8767 s the secret w the Asian girls. Any nerds out there? Thanku

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i am a Japanese girl who was born in Japan and living in Vancouver.
its so funny to read this post! becouse all of my Japanese friends who lived here said they wanted to have western boyfriend but never happened !

Of all the women I’ve ever approached or had my students approach, Asian (Chinese, Japanese, Korean) in Canada are the most awkward, socially uncalibrated, shy and rude. Of course, they aren’t like this if they know you. I’m just talking about girls you might introduce yourself to on the street, or at a bar.

But It can be very frustrating because Asians ARE racist. And anyone who says otherwise is lying. And even though I identify with Asian culture, mostly Chinese most Chinese who don 8767 t know me would reject me on the spot.

But when I saw her in the rec room again, she immediately stopped playing and walked away. She was walking very fast, too, as if she was trying to get away from me.

Way to generalize. Looks like someone hasn 8767 t had any success with them and is trying to find an excuse by blaming the women, not himself. Asian women are incredibly hot, as well as women from every other ethnic group in the world.

Even though calling an Asian girl cute in the first meeting will seem the correct way to approach. It certainly isn 8767 t in most cases to us. It 8767 s creepy especially if I don 8767 t know you. The most effective method to approach them is to meet them by a social circle. Go up to them when they are in a group. Ask them about their culture respectively. Don 8767 t start pushing out Chinese or Japanese phrases just yet until you have conversed with them for a few minutes. We rather get to know you for a few minutes rather than going straight to the point like 8775 You 8767 re hot. You 8767 re cute. Can I get your #? What 8767 s your name? 8776

7. There was an intern at my old job that worked in the same building as me. She wasn 8767 t that hot, but my friends kept telling me that we could make great friends. I tried to make small talk with her, but her responses were always very curt. On the most recent time, she absolutely made no response. Even her friend, who is normally much more talkative, also gave me the silent treatment.

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