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Channel One Russia lives up to its name by producing unique entertainment, news, and analytical content, releasing world premieres, localizing the best international formats, exclusively broadcasting sports and musical events, producing Russian film releases to great box office success, and developing thematic TV broadcasting.

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Bond breaks into the lawyers office of a client he suspects to be Blofeld, and photocopies documents obtained from cracking the lawyers safe. He discovers that Blofeld is claiming to be a Count, and is seeking legal confirmation from the London College of Arms. In the photocopied letter, Blofeld's lawyer is requesting that genealogist Sir Hilary Bray take a visit to Blofeld's Swiss allergy research center to confirm is claim.

In the meantime, Bond goes back to M, who refuses to set up an operation to storm Piz Gloria. Bond calls Draco, and storms Blofelds facility with an aerial attack, pretending to be Red Cross rescue workers, so that they can get close enough to land. Draco dynamites the facility, and Bond escapes, pursuing Blofeld in a bobsled chase.

To give you some idea. I have travelled overseas in the past and fortunately my work lets me travel nationally. I enjoy the arts and seeing plays and visiting galleries, music from classical to listening to buskers play in the street. I tend to be one of these people that you can put me in the outback or in a city and feel pretty comfortable. Basically my attitude is to enjoy life, have care and time for people, and go and explore.

Rossiya 79 is a VGTRK-owned international and national Russian-language news channel from Russia. It covers major national and international events with a Russian perspective and a focus on domestic issues.

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While driving in Portugal, James Bond is intrigued by a women who speeds past him in a car. A moment later he spots her empty car, and using a pair of binoculars, he sees her walking into the sea, attempting to drown herself. Bond drives down to save her, and is confronted by three men. The women manages to drive away before Bond can end the fight.

RT's documentaries go beyond the bare facts, thoroughly investigating the issues and giving the viewer a chance to see below the surface.

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