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GIS , A Pilot District for the GIS implementation by the State Planning Commission as part of the National Spatial Data Infrastructure [NSDI]. An open source Application by NIC provides Geo Information about the District

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You are eligible to apply for JEE Main 7568 as per the previous year eligibility criteria. The final eligibility criteria for JEE Main will be updated after the announcements.

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TMI also offers highly effective distance learning programmes designed for cadets and junior officers. These seafarers are able to benefit from a structured education that seamlessly dove-tails with their professional activities and progress, culminating in the award of a college degree, without a multi-year attendance at a shore-based institution.

Non-Resident Indian NRIs and Foreign National FN and Person of Indian Origin PIOs Can apply for JEE. They must score 65% aggregate marks in their qualifying examination.

You are eligible to appear for JEE main this year. If you are appearing for improvement exams you have to write all subjects again.

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NRI students are eligible for JEE Main and Advacned exam. Seperate exam centers are avalibale for them to write exams in abroad.

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