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Spotify leaves BTS' Jin out as one of the members? - allkpop

Дата публикации: 2017-06-12 08:54

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Concerned fans commented, "I can't believe their agency hasn't said anything about this", "It's not AOA without ChoA", "I remember how she cried during ' My Little Television '. She must be having a difficult time..", "This is fishy Is she the second member to leave the team after Youkyung ?"

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Fans were already aware that Seolhyun was unable to join since she's currently in France for ad filming. However, the reason behind ChoA's absence is unknown. FNC Entertainment  has not provided any explanations. 

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Fans worry that ChoA might be leaving AOA

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Fans were dismayed to see that the artist biography for the group on the site read, " The group comprises Rap Monster (Kim Namjoon), lead singer and rapper Suga , (Min Yoongi), rapper J-Hope  (Jung Hoseok), rapper and dancer Jimin Park , singer and dancer V  (Kim Taehyung), singer and Jungkook Jeon , singer, rapper, and dancer.

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On May 8, AOA attended the ' 75th Yeoncheon Jeonggok-ri Paleolithic Festival ' as the guest performer. Unfortunately, Seolhyun  and ChoA  were not present and only the remaining 5 members ( Jimin, Yuna, Hyejeong, Mina, and Chanmi ) went on stage. 

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