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“She was escaping. She’d found me, maybe she was looking for my sister Angela too. It could be days or weeks. I remember the rain all the time and the running.”

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"Vamos a verificar todas las acusaciones en su contra y tratar de contactar con los familiares para ver si desean formular una denuncia", expresó Vera.

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In the deposition given last month, but just released this week, Archbishop Robert Carlson said under oath he couldn't recall details of how he handled allegations of abuse against a Minnesota priest decades ago.

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O'Farrell slams Catholic Church response to Hunter region child abuse AUSTRALIA
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The publication of the Cooke report should have taken our minds off the Tuam babies story, but it didn’t. After the furore caused by the allegations surrounding alleged bugging of the Garda Ombudsman office by persons unknown, the arrival of the report into the affair was met with tired indifference around Leinster House. Although the government is happy, as Mr Justice Cooke concluded the evidence did not support the proposition. Some in South Dublin (or perhaps further afield, if he’s had enough of Kildare Street for the present) like Alan Shatter was probably allowing himself a rueful smile.

The inquiry found that senior officials within the Catholic Church knew about sexual abuse allegations against the priests for decades, but failed to act to protect vulnerable children in their care.

Macquarie Azorella is a cushion plant found on Macquarie Island. In recent years, they have started to die out at a rapid rate. What may be some of the causes? What are the implications of such a rapid decline, and how have scientists attempted to address the problem?

Have you heard the rumour that daddy long-legs spiders are venomous? What does Dr Karl Kruszelnicki and biochemist Dr Maggie Hardy make of this claim? Are daddy long-legs spiders even spiders? And what are Opiliones?

[Summary: The attorney general of San Luis Potosi has accused officials of the Catholic Church of covering up abuse by priest Eduardo Cordova Mendoza, who is alleged to have sexual abused many children. Miguel Angel Garcia Covarrubias said the church has been reluctant to turn over information regarding the priest. The priest's whereabouts are still unknown.]

We hope others who saw, suspected or suffered Fr. Paulish's crimes will step forward, get help, call police, protect others and start healing.