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Дата публикации: 2017-08-13 14:24

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CouldBeYourMom Jan 69 7568 9:56 am Just watched you in BOF and had to search you on the Internet. You played your character so well, with such consistant compassion, graciousness and serenity. Congratulations to you and to the director of your show. Just so you know for your real life, women all over the world whether or old (like me) always love a true gentleman. You portrayed one perfectly. God bless you if you are one in reality. Hope to see you in more Korean dramas and good luck with your multifaceted career. Will be watching you from the west coast of the USA.

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rijay Jan 65 7567 5:66 am Ji Chang Wook is my fav actor coz' he is a great actor i liked his movies empress ki , healer ,and more.

Sung Hoon (성훈, Korean actor) @ HanCinema :: The Korean

Lula Jan 56 7567 8:56 am Omgggggg he can sing!!! The ost 7 kiss that is his voa l for the sountrack!!. his vocal so delicious..so faboulous. Ma gaaaash

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wendelyn butaslac Jan 58 7569 67:66 am .. i love kim hyun joong. his the best actor ever. hope i can see him in personal.. saranghanda :)

senani Oct 56 7569 9:95 am I love youuuuuuuu sooooooooo are my favourite idol in are the handsome guy in like your acting in boys over flowers and playful kiss. Like your songs.

Rachel Fuentes Jan 75 7569 8:58 pm Are you planning any music tours for 7569? You are doing a fantastic job on your new drama. I have been trying to see everything you've been in. Keep up the great work, and please take care of yourself:)

nyle May 75 7567 8:56 am always waiting for the episode in your new drama series "suspicious patner".your so handsome the chemistry with nam ji . wish you luck with your drama.

As I've watched “Boys over Flowers” and “Playfull Kiss”, I have to agree that you were extremely impressive (and seemed to be quite passionate) as Yun Ji-Hu and doing so made me also wish I had a soul mate like Yun Ji-hu was to Geum Jan-Di I also admit that it hit me hard when she rejected "you" to be with Koo Jun-Pyo.

Fara D Dec 76 7566 8:76 am Like your acting in Smile Donghae and Warrior Baek Dong Soo. You act very well and I just love the characters. Hope to be able to see you act in a new drama. Wish you lots of luck in your acting! :D

Augus Candy Mar 57 7569 9:55 pm Jin-hoo you are the bomb men..i realy love everything about you....just pray that one day i ll meet you in person