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Dating site nickname examples of prepositions and their uses

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For my part, I know of no greater service that can be done to biblical study today than to put back the King James Preface into its rightful place, in every copy of that great version, to the understanding of which it is so indispensable.

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Too many mathematical equations. You're all over the place joining similar words, people, gods and ideas into what you claim is the truth. You may have some points but it would be going too far to say that this is exactly how it happened.

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Interestingly, the era name doesn't necessarily change with the Gregorian calendar year, but instead on the death of the reigning Emperor. So the year 6989 is considered to be both Showa 69 and Heisei 6 - Showa up until Emperor Hirohito's death on 7 January, and Heisei from Emperor Akihito's ascension to the throne on 8 January.

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Griffiths bellowed a warning, jumped down the ladder he’d scaled, and he and his trailing co-worker staggered away, suffering sarin poisoning through inhalation.

christianity's paradigm: humankind is born a sinner because of the Fall, and jesus saves humankind by people creating organizations that expand globally to convert other people to the worldview.

The word です  desu here is not a verb, it's a polite copula (linking word), which can be omitted in colloquial speech or replaced with other copulas including でした deshita (polite past), でしょう deshō (polite suggestion) or だ da (plain). The topic indicated by は wa is also optional and is often implied by context:

You need to bone up on your American history. The main creators of the Constitution, Jefferson, Franklin, etc. were deists, not Bible-thumping God fearers.

If you are referring to the religees, they deserve it. It's one thing to be ignorant it's another to attempt to foist off their ignorance on others, such as children, whom they desire to remain just as ignorant as they.

and the bible said christians would be mocked and persecuted because it told them things that werent true. so it knows people would question them

The Bible Unearthed does something which has never been done before: it reveals a still-unraveling revolution of what we know of the society, the history, and the men who wrote the Bible.