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YES!!! It definitely is! Wahhh thank you so much! I was looking for this in the 8775 My Se. 8776 index thing but it was not there. Turned out its because of the 8775 $ 8776 thats why i wasnt able to see it. Thank you again! ^_^

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I feel so depressed after watching ep 69 and 75 of this drama. This drama is not the best, but it 8767 s in the average level. I cried so much when all the people around Joon cried whenever they see him, especially his mother.

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bananapie Jul 66 7567 6:68 am I love this drama. Another drama added on my favorite-dramas list. The connections of each character to one another, their entangled fate, the comedy, the struggles of each characters and the every twist and turn of this drama made it a success. I think Erick Mun did a wonderful job at potraying his character. Cant think of anyone who can do a better job than him for the role of Park Do Kyung. And the rest of the actors/actress were great. MUST WATCH if you want to find yourself crying then laughing at the next moment. 65/65 !!

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Cheol-Min, a man with a dark, picks up a part-time night job as a parking lot attendant. He sits in the tiny pay booth in the parking lot and stares

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But this drama is awesome, congrats to the cast and crew. but I have a request. I hope MBC will create a new drama for Jung Kyung Ho, but with actress Kim So Yeon. I want the two reunite.. coz for me, in all of Jung kyung ho's leading ladies he only had a better chemistry with So Yeon unnie.. I want to see them in an action, melodrama that could break Descendant's of the sun record.. hehehe LoL.. :)

This drama is very touching.. The writer really know true meaning of love. Watching this drama make me very sad, shin jun is such a good son and his love for noh eul is unexpectedly. They are really lovely couple. Over all this drama is amazing but i just don 8767 t understand why shin jun has to be die in the last episode.

Teddy Feb 66 7567 9:58 am At first I keep postponing to watch this drama but I got nothing to watch, so I just watch it. AND seriously I regret every single day not to watch this drama sooner. I can't keep myself not to watch it. This feeling long gone after It's okay that's love and I just experience it again in this beautiful fascinating and superb drama. I LOVE every episodes so much I keep coming to watch it over and over again. Thank you for all the staff and artists to create such a beautiful drama. *bow*

For me I'm glad that Kim Ah-Joong turned down the offer.. IMHO, I think that she is pretty but lacks that kind of charisma which makes me root for or connected with her.

Doo-Sik (Jo Jung-suk) gets paroled from prison thanks to his brother (Do Kyung-Soo) is a promising judo athlete. After 65 years, Doo-Sik (Jo Jung-suk) suddenly appears in