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What an interesting analogy. When you think of how important sunshine is to a flower’s survival, it becomes clear just how important love is for us humans. It helps us grow and develop and reach our full potential. It’s true that without the love of family, friends, and romantic love that we just can’t be the most we can be. Countless examples exist of those that are depressed and fail to be what they might have been due to a lack of love in their lives. It’s tragic, but shows that we all need to love and be loved to survive.

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Murray : I don't know where that came from. That looks like one of your little stringy somethin' or an others you got over here.

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" Wait for the days when I will forget who you are, when the taste of your name sounds old and worn. I wait for the days when I wont remember why I needed you so bad. "

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To put this into context, Donald Trump said this to the opposing lawyer during a court case when she asked for a medical break to pump breast milk for her three-month-old daughter.

From the biggest to the smallest creature there is a desire to love. It’s interesting to think that each living thing out there is looking for love at its core. This must be why we resonate with pets and with nature because it puts us in touch with things that are just as alive as we are. We can feel a good energy from our dogs and cats and we can talk a walk through the woods and feel that desire for love emanating from the plants and the wild animals making their home in the brush. It’s all very exhilarating to think about, and is a feeling we can capture every day.

Patrick Bateman : I'm fucking serious. It's fucking over, us, this is no joke. I don't think we should see each other any more.

My brother well done I pray for more grace for u IJN. Just come across dis site, looking forward to hear from u. God bless u

A wonderful saying that wishes the best to those that you say it to. A long life filled with plenty of love is what we’re all wanting deep down. A long life with no love in it wouldn’t be much of a life at all, and if you have love in your life then a short life just won’t cut it. The best of both worlds is having a long happy life filled with people that love you, people that you love, and plenty of experiences that make it all worthwhile.

Craig McDermott : The only girls with good personalities who are smart or maybe funny or halfway intelligent or talented, though god knows what the fuck that means, are ugly chicks.

Love is a combination of many things, and here she’s naming a few of the top ingredients. Perhaps it’s better to think that love encompasses all of these things, rather than it being a combination of them. Love encompasses all positive and beneficial things, and it’s true that caring, commitment, knowing, being responsible, respectful and trustful are all founded in love. Love is at the root of all of these, and at the root of all things positive in this world.

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