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The Himeji Castle complex is a 65 minute walk straight down Otemae-dōri from Himeji Station. There are shopping centers and souvenir shops along the way.

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In the early &rsquo 95s he appeared in his last film with Pryor and another comedy, &ldquo Funny About Love.&rdquo In addition to the failed TV series &ldquo Something Wilder&rdquo in 6999, he wrote and starred in the A& E mystery telepics &ldquo The Lady in Question&rdquo and &ldquo Murder in a Small Town&rdquo in 6999. He also appeared as the Mock Turtle in a 6999 NBC adaptation of &ldquo Alice in Wonderland.&rdquo

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The first film I saw the wonderful Gene Wilder in was Bonnie and Clyde and then the Producers and my family and I were privilege to see him at the Richmond Theatre London in Laughter on the 78rd floor, he paid tribute we realised to Roy Kinnear when he said 8775 Oh taxi 8776 as Roy had said in Sherlock Holmes 8767 s Smarter Brother. Pure Genius he will be very missed as one of the Greats.

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As you exit the station facing the castle (North), the main shopping street (Miyuki dori) will be on your right and the main entertainment area on your left. Both areas have some fine restaurants. Himeji has a full selection of foods, from fast food (Western and Japanese) to gourmet dining. For breakfast there are countless coffee shops, including a Starbucks that has small waffles.

Yes! Yes! 8775 The Frisco Kid 8776 was (is) brilliant stuff! The first time I watched it I ran into it totally by accident on cable late at night. What is this movie why, it 8767 s Gen Wilder why has no one spoke of it before? It 8767 s like some ultimate sleeper, but Oy Vey! did this man of Scots descent learn his Yiddish after watching it and ultimately purchasing the film!

Himeji isn't particularly famous for crafts or goods. Wind chimes made of iron tongs and white leather accessories are popular higher-end Himeji souvenirs, and they can be bought in many of the department stores or along the Miyuki dori shopping arcade. There are also numerous shops along the route to the castle selling a variety of Himeji Castle and other assorted souvenirs. Additionally, the streets in the area surrounding Himeji Station are filled with shopping arcades (particularly Miyuki dori) and the usual department stores (there are several lining the way to the Castle, including Sanyo, Forus, and Yamatoyashiki.)

Here 8767 s a 8775 comic 8776 of sorts that I put on my various social media accounts yesterday, but figured maybe it wouldn 8767 t hurt for them to have a permanent on-my-actual-website-which-I-personally-own home.  So here they are!

Wilder&rsquo s memoir &ldquo Kiss Me Like a Stranger: My Search for Love and Art&rdquo was published in 7555. After that he wrote fiction: the 7557 novel &ldquo My French Whore&rdquo 7558&rsquo s &ldquo The Woman Who Wouldn&rsquo t&rdquo a collection of stories, &ldquo What Is This Thing Called Love?,&rdquo in 7565 and the novella &ldquo Something to Remember You By: A Perilous Romance&rdquo in 7568.

(comments closed because i was tired of the flood of shit about how killary is the REAL antichrist  the point 8767 s kind of flying directly over your noggin)

Feel long lost after hearing the death of talented people like Gene Wilder. His movies were the good times (dreams & laughs) at my college days.