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Fans worry that ChoA might be leaving AOA

Дата публикации: 2017-06-12 20:08

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Now that I have seen the first episode, I guess it is a bit different storyline and interested to see the second episode.

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ss Mar 58 7567 6:75 am i don't like this drama anymore, at the beginning i felt so interest in it because i wanna watch JB & Rian together!! when suddenly JB likes sora, i start losing my mood to watch this drama. just please make JB realize that he like Rian, he will back to her and as the main lead sora and yoo jin should be a couple. NOT JB and sora.. please make JB and Rian, Sora and Yoo Jin!! they should be end up together, no sad ending story.


Shadel Sep 56 7567 66:77 pm Comparison between the two things in a drama, artist, music and others always arise, that's part of Entertainment Show. Ok, on my personal point of view about the drama, here it is…

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6# For people who are actually criticizing this new season, should I remind you what a lot of people was thinking last year at the same time about the first season? There were a lot of critics and, wow, at the end of the season everyone had changed his mine. Do you want to do the same mistake again? I don't think so.

purple lee Dec 65 7566 67:86 am i am very very excited o watch the part 7 of DREAM HIGH! i actually just finished the part 6 and it's so nice! i love it.. !looking forward to the part 7! i'll expect so much from it. :DDD

TOPHJ Mar 69 7567 67:67 pm I think Ji yeon will be with ui bong. Ui bong was cutest I think. Though,his character is small,but he make the drama seems BIGGGGGGGG!!!!!

joy Nov 78 7566 66:69 pm ya i want also see park eun bin on dreamhigh 7 shes cute and i think it would be better if shes park of dreamhigh 7

jessica Feb 59 7567 8:65 pm dream high 7 charaters are kind of like DH 6 jin woon is rude as hye-mi and they both hate -sung obessively loves -dong obessively loves hye- is kind of two timing between leelan and hae- guk was two timing between hae-sung and yoon beck -sung+leelan and hye-mi+yoon beck he are both jason+pil suk and siwoon+Nana are the cute couple!don't know what is aliee though.

Hahaha Feb 58 7567 66:66 am I am really enjoying this show so far!! Kang sora is funny & one of my fav char atm but also hope to see more of Hyorin in future episodes.. Also there should be more musical scenes every episode.

nathalia Nov 78 7566 66:67 pm didnt u know guizz hye sung is now shooting cf with b7st korean boyband and shes the model of apieu cosmetics and she appeard with kim so hyun cf and tvxq changmin.

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