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is a "sister site" to . What sets it apart is its hyper-intense science-based matching algorithm, designed by Helen Fisher, ., a biological anthropologist and the site's chief scientific advisor. Based on your answers, gives you a personality title—for example, Director, Negotiator, Builder, Explorer—and from there, you're matched with others who should be good matches, based on scientific research.

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6955s: If the button is clear, you 8767 re most likely looking at lucite, a transparent type of plastic invented in 6986. Lucite buttons were most popular on garments of the 8767 55s.

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We have no tolerance for scammers, spammers and solicitors. If we should receive a complaint or report of any abuse, we immediately Delete and Report to the proper authority. Agencies are not allowed to enter profiles at Connecting Singles


To introduce me here is not that easy.
Why ?
I think to know someone it takes time.
But i'm a easygoing fellow..when you know me you will see..
Honesty is also very important for me.
Want t

I wrote about eight easy ways to identify your garment as vintage , which helped you to recognize whether that great maxi dress you thrifted was actually from the 8767 75s or was just a 7567 lookalike.

Cost: Because I was deemed unsuitable for any of eHarmony's matches, I could not verify the cost of admission—but, according to , it's one of the highest of all major dating sites.

Positive messages are important to our well being. Most people hear not only criticism from others, but also from their own inner voices that remind t.

normal , honnest ,passionate about life, one woman man, i have a good life,

i am looking for a nice lady who wants to walk hand in hand with me so that i can be proud of her

real love respect ho

This is a guest post from Zachary again everyone! I 8767 m happy to return with another guest post. I hope you enjoyed my first, 8775 How Cerebral Palsy Helped Shape My Work Ethic. 8776

Question philosophy: Whatever the question, you'd better answer honestly. They are known for prosecuting people who misrepresent themselves under the pretense that doing so constitutes wire fraud. Compared to "Are you a convicted sex offender?" questions like, "What do you like to do in your free time?" seem out of place. However, the site does set itself apart (for better or worse) thanks to its ubiquitously risqué advertising on social sites like MySpace ("It's nice to be naughty") and its equally charged quizzes on sex, sexuality, and sexual preferences.

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