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If CIMB is too good to arrange for an appointment for you, I suggest you speak to another home loan officer. These guys work on commission and are generally very hardworking - given the recent reduction in disbursements in home loans due to stricter regulations by BNM.

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Congrats for coming back at Ian Chin. And you have my respect for doing such a great homework. A true leader doesn 8767 t throw empty and stupid accusations without having the facts right and double check whether it is correct or not. I wish Paklala and all other ministers have 95% of your brains. May be then we won 8767 t be in this situations. I wonder how you managed to tolerate their stupidity for 77 years. Keep it up Tun!
Salam hormat!

MYTV Broadcasting

Dear Tun,
Thank you for your revealation of the true colour of J. Ian Chin. I almost got carried away by J. Ian Chin 8767 s confession that he is as clean as a whistle. Well if one is a whisle, it needs someone else to blow that whistle!
Although aging in age, one can see Tun is still a heavy weight, and it is not easy for anyone to brush him off 8775 as an old man who is nyanyok 8776 .
I propose that Tun, besides being adviser to Petronas, Proton, Langkawi Development, it is timely that Tun also be made advisor to the Malaysian Judiaciary.
I think we could have won the Pulau Batu had Tun been part of our delegate to the World Court.

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Setuju untuk pakai riben putih Mari semua kita bersama sama menunjuk kan perpaduan sebenar..

Dear Tun,
Rakyat : Haloo..! awak dgr ke tak dgr ni?
PLah : Halo..! sy tk dgr, sy tdur.
Rakyat : Tidur! xpa7 mlm ni ko dgr blk statement Tun tu.
Dgr jgn tk dgr.
PLah : Eh msti psl sy ada pwer rut.

Dearest Tun
Truth always prevail.
It is NOW apparent that the AAB govt has some explanation to do.
Silence could mean 8775 guilty as charged 8776 .
Way to go Tun
Those who know you, will always be on your side.
Semoga kesehatan Tun berpanjangan dan sentiasa dilindungi Allah.

Rakyat Malaysia !! tunjukkan undi tidak percaya anda kepada paklah
buktikan suara rakyat sudah tidak percaya terhadap pak lah !!

Askm Tun,
melihat dan mendengar apa yang telak berlaku pada tahun ini jelas menunjukkan Kerajaan sekarang enuh dengan korupsi,berat sebelah,tidak adil dan mementingkan kroni faham macamana pemimpin yang ada pada masa ni jenis 8766 yes man 8776 .rasanya kalu dia suap taik ke dalam mulut pun mereka akan dilihat dlm coretan blog tun jelas menunjukkan ramai yang tidak tahan dan meluat dengan pimpinan AAB diharapkan Tun dapat melakukan sesuatu.

To ABI you must be a lawyer i think looking at your writing and one of those anti-Tun. Well not everyone is perfect except God. You and i are far from perfect. Tun was destined to be our PM for that long. In your life, i am sure there were moments you respected and admired Tun. However for a reason you seems to dislike him now. Give Tun a break please.

Thanks for the explanation! Really easy to understand. Can I ask why this occurs at certain pumps, but not others, at the same gas station? Am I just somehow holding the pump wrong every time I refuel? I drive a Myvi, if it matters.