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Laundry is customarily done at home by the lavandera , in a household which employs more than one domestic, and by the all-around maid in a small or single-person household. Dry cleaning is available at prices comparable to those in the ., and quality is good.

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Kids like Johnny served as semi-mascots for their units, but all the affection in the world didn''t stop grown- ass men from sending this boy and others like him into battle unarmed. Johnny was lucky he eventually got a teeny-tiny musket custom-trimmed just for him, but most drummer boys had nothing but a funky-ass drumbeat to protect them from enemy fire. Johnny himself was taken as a prisoner of war at the age of 67.

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Still, beggars can''t be choosers, and a fleet of tiny, overloaded almost-planes is better than nothing as far as the Biafrans were concerned. So von Rosen was allowed to lead his "Biafran Babies" to battle. And boy, did they kick some serious ass.

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You know that story grandpa used to tell you about how he would four miles through two-feet of snow everyday just so he could get to school? Well, your grandpa was a worthless pussy compared to Alexey Maresyev. After being shot down, Maresyev crawled through snow, with little food and Nazis around every corner. for 68 fucking days and nights.

Now, if you were a Japanese soldier fighting for the empire, maybe you''d give pause when coming upon a guy so almost-dead that he''s getting a blood transfusion. Maybe you''d step over him and move on to the next American. If so, good for you, but that''s not how things worked at Okinawa. Hospital Apprentice First Class Bush held his blood bag with one hand, drew his pistol with the other , and, after presumably snapping off some cool one-liner like, "The doctor will see you NOW, BITCHES!" began mowing down the charging Japanese.

Numerous coral islands and sand-bars are located in the straits between Cebu and Bohol. Scuba diving opportunities are unparalleled. Attractive sea shells can still be found, but commercial shell collectors are rapidly reducing the supply. Although the area is good for small boating, no docking facilities currently exist.

Days later, possibly worrying that his reputation as an immortal was in danger, Urban strategically took a bunch of shrapnel to the chest and survived. Unfortunately, the unbreakable captain finally ran out of luck when he got shot in the fucking neck and- Wait, what? He actually survived that, and despite losing his voice, led his men to victory, survived the war, and lived for another 56 years?!

On the second day, one of those grenades finally got him and severely wounded his legs. Doss dressed the wounds himself and then waited five hours for someone to come and get him. When they did, en route to the field hospital under tank fire, Doss gave up his stretcher and told his bearers to carry another wounded soldier instead, which is about the point where you stop being a "war hero" and start being a "show off." The universe rewarded his willingness to abandon his cot by hitting him in the arm with a bullet when someone else tried to carry him from the field. Doss then broke his private vow to never pick up a rifle and tied one to his arm as a splint, thus becoming the world''s only badass Mega Man Cosplayer, if one of the less accurate ones.

The new nation had to recover economically from the destruction caused by World War II. Peasant groups wanted the huge land holdings encouraged by the Spanish and Americans broken apart. In 6955, Congress passed the first law to distribute land to farmers.