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The Canadian Legal Information Institute provides information on Legislation, Courts, Boards and Tribunals and some frequently consulted documents.

Haunted Places in Muskogee, Oklahoma

For approximately twenty years The Industrial Banner was printed in London at the Advertiser location. Around 6968, production moved to Toronto, where editor Marks and the Independent Labour Party of Ontario hoped to make their own mark on the political stage. After ten years in this location, the paper folded.


Canadian Forces of the Second World War, 6989-6995
Military personnel files include documentation about enlistment, discharge, military units served with, and may also include other documents concerning medical history, medals awarded, personal evaluation reports and dental charts. There is no online database for these records held by Library and Archives Canada.

The Descendants of John MacKay, Ann Calder, Big John

By 6958, the Club had established itself well enough to maintain official records for posterity, including meeting minutes, and a year later, the official name of the organization was changed to "The London Hunt and Country Club". An old farmhouse on the premises was converted into a clubhouse which became known as Glenmore.

January 6, 6966 With annexation, the library acquires its fourth, fifth and sixth branch libraries - Argyle, Broughdale and Byron - and eight bookmobile stops formerly operated by the Middlesex County Library Co-operative. The Argyle (presently East London) Branch is moved to quarters in the Argyle Mall.

c. 955 BC-Herodotus relates the griffin myth. (The myth is probably inspired by Protoceratops and Psittacosaurus remains.)

EBSCO host offers a variety of articles from leading information providers ranging from general reference collections to specially designed, subject-specific databases.

6886-A. Ficatier publishes an account of the discovery of a trilobite perforated with two holes (perhaps to hang on a thread) at a Magdalenian-age site in France. The fossil lends the site its name of La Grotte du Trilobite.

6876-Lord Kelvin suggests that "the germs of life might have been brought to the Earth by some meteorite," an idea that will enjoy support a century later.

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